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  1. Just taking a selfie the way some women do, you know..phone high in the air, peace the fingers. Uhg.

  2. Yeah filming while driving with a kid in the car is the way to go for some internet points.

  3. You can never have too much online friends.

  4. Also 40% in crypto. The rest is savings and owning expensive shit.

  5. Haha, stocks are better than "shit"

  6. I would not like it when someone walks around with those shoes on my wooden floor.

  7. I think the title is a bit misleading here. It says the oldest stone found from 1417 was found in Germany, near Berlin: "De oudst bekende verwijzing naar een zeer lage waterstand komt uit 1417. Die werd gevonden in de rivier de Spree bij Berlijn."

  8. Don't read the news if you don't want misleidende teksten.

  9. That couch looks like my grandma on coke

  10. Yeah I imagine the skull was a lot of time to get.

  11. I think I've never heard a Weezer song

  12. Lots of Tribal, generic tattoos and Japanese words tattooed. And body piercing started becoming popular in the 1990's.

  13. Thanks to George Clooney in from dusk till dawn.

  14. Nobody knows bud.. I also don't recommend acting on someone's else opinion. I'm holding mine

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