1. If they use tablets for telegram they can still snap a photo with there phone while the timers going off ?

  2. yeah, no way around that, a second device trumps all your security

  3. Pic collectors and those trading other people’s wives is rampant here…

  4. si te respiran en la nuca te están haciendo otra cosa mi rey

  5. hahahahahaha and hahahahahaha hahahahaha fukc shehawks hahahahahahah

  6. la diferencia es que los agitadores del sexenio pasado ahora estan en el gobierno

  7. When she tells you it's nothing to worry about do you completely take her at her word or is there some lingering doubts?

  8. since he's posting it, one would suspect he is not buying it

  9. Sounds like you got your wish. She sees you as a beta cuck. Suspect she’s attracted to alpha men so naturally you’re going to be appealing far less.

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