1. He “didn’t notice it” and I “should have mentioned it”.

  2. LOL I swear this would be me and my husband, we always say we won’t get a second bun but if we happen to find one we’d keep it, and we lowkey always hope we’ll find one 😂

  3. Why do you make me do that, baby? You know I don't like hurting you.

  4. This is the kind of thing I’d put up at my workplace if my dog was still here 😭(we had to put him down about a year ago). I still have stuff in my room like a pencil holder with “if I can’t bring my dog I’m not going” on it. I can’t bring myself to get rid of those things even though he’s been gone for a while. We were inseparable until the end.

  5. That dog doesn’t look the lightest either lol

  6. This was expected but i have to say, the first 3 seasons of SpongeBob is completely unmatched and there will never be anything else like that in animated history, but after the movie the show started to fall down in quality. I chose avatar to win only because it was able to consistently stay good throughout the entire series

  7. lol I did the opposite maybe we cancelled each other out

  8. Looking for a bookshelf recipe!

  9. Looking for a bamboo partition diy 🫶🏼

  10. I’ve never seen a white squirrel :o

  11. I didn’t know females did this too 😂

  12. I tried to start a friendship with someone by texting him “SQUIDWARD I USED YOUR CLARINET TO UNCLOG MY TOILET” and he didn’t think it was funny. Not mean to be.

  13. LMAO that part makes me laugh so hard

  14. Usually I don’t like neighborhood or city-like themes but I think you did this perfect, it looks really amazing and comfy!

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