1. Haha no problems. I have recently tackled this again during 21.7.6 but it wasn't working still. I kind of gave up as asked the remote peer (another department) to keep filtering for us.

  2. We found a really crappy workaround. If you name all the prefix lists the same name and add them to the route map, it works. Really odd. The downside is it won't work with the API, so things like Ansible are out of the question.

  3. Understand that the image the camera captured is not the same as the subject in front of you. It's actually different.

  4. I rented a Sony 12-24mm f4 G FE and a Sigma 14-24mm f/2.8 DG DN Art for Sony FE for a weekend to compare before I bought. I shot landscape and astro. Doing my best (or worst?) pixel peeping I really couldn't see a discernible difference. I didn't compare the SONY 16-35mm f2.8 G Master FE as it was beyond what I wanted to spend. I bought the Sigma and have been very happy with it.

  5. There are lots of reviews online, but the main thing will be whether the controls feel intuitive. Beyond this, remember that it’s the lens that makes the photo.

  6. I’ve been using the 31L Wandrd Prvke (I know—terrible name) with a very similar kit, although I don’t have a grip on my A7R III, so you’ll need to confirm that piece. They also make a 41L version if you need something larger.

  7. Thanks! The Prvke looks good, and the marketing on their website is hilarious. "Valuables like a First edition holographic Charizard card"? My son wants me to buy it just for that!

  8. Hey, I know this shot! I've taken it a few times myself.

  9. I agree, you can shoot this wider. I like f/8 because it's usually the sweet spot for lens sharpness. Every lens is different, though. Check out

  10. Go used for both camera gear and computer. I get most of my lenses from MPB.com, and I got my MacBook Pro from backmarket.com. You couldn't tell the difference from new, other than the price.

  11. Disagree about ABasin for a youngster. There's no town there and it's pretty much an expert mountain.

  12. Agreed. I've been to Abasin before. It will be great when he's a little older and more experienced. Plus, need a few more days to adjust to the altitude.

  13. Steamboat is great for this, it’s a little light on expert terrain. The main thing you’ll hear about it is there aren’t really any steeps. That being said the trees there are amazing and there are some great trails that are like easy bowls. I typically recommend steamboat when you have all levels and want it to be good for everyone.

  14. I've skiied Steamboat before. Love the mountains and the town. Since I'm skiing with my son I'll probably only do a run or two solo on the steeps, so not having a big selection isn't an issue.

  15. Congratulations! Really hope you like it and it brings you many glorious shots!

  16. No worries, and not a downer. I'm an IT guy by day so I get it. I have a 4TB NAS with locally redundant storage (8TB raw), and I back up to the cloud nightly. I already configured the camera to save RAW/RAW on 2 cards, and my import workflow makes 2 more copies on 2 different physical devices so I have multiple copies while I'm away from home.

  17. In my experience, the third party grips just don’t work. I’ve had 3 and returned them all. The Sony is stupid expensive, but it works! In each of the 3 different brands I had: none would work with 2 batteries installed. You got a great camera, please report back on the grip, maybe they got better :)

  18. I've used the grip with 1 and 2 batteries installed. It seems to work well. I'll report back after this weekend when I've really had a chance to exercise it.

  19. Mc11 is slow to af on moving subjects. I use a 50mm art ef with it still to this day and it does fine for models or static scenes.

  20. Overall, it's time for a new camera. I think I've finally outgrown my Canon 80D. It was a great body for several years, but my skills as a photographer are beginning to be limited by what the camera can do. Of course I looked at staying in the Canon family, but there are a few factors that are pushing me in other directions. At the moment, Canon has nothing in a FF body with 30mpix+ for under $3,800USD. The Canon R5 (45mp) is about $3,800USD. I can get an a7R IIIA (42mp) for $2,100USD or an a7 IV (33mp) for $2,4000, so right off the start I save over $1,000USD. Since I'm not planning on initially buying new lenses with the body, I'm going to use a mount adapter until I save up enough money to buy quality native glass. While EF to RF makes sense, it's not the only option. The Sigma EF to E mount adapter seems to have been very well received. As for 3rd party lenses, it seems as though Canon is really trying to be the sole supplier of RF glass. Just Google the recent articles, and that doesn't give me hope long-term for good, inexpensive native lenses.

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