1. I just looked at your profile cause I thought I recognized this guy … wow he is a prolific scrunger 🤣💀

  2. I can't find anything on this either, which isn't helpful. Can you ask the aesthetician where they got the info?

  3. I can ask. I’m hesitant to even go back to her though. She suggested a hydra facial and when I asked how long I needed to discontinue tretinoin she told me I didn’t need to stop it all, which seems opposite of every other source ive looked at.

  4. So I did a little more digging and see some people suggesting that since glycerin is a humectant, it can do more harm than good in arid climates. I’ve seen this sentiment regarding HA, so I guess if she thought it was drying I could understand the comment about enlarged pores. Oddly, she did recommend HA which I’ve passively avoided since we do live in a desert.

  5. What kind of setting have your derms been in? Private or like a medical group associated w a hospital system or university? My derm is listed as a medical dermatologist (as opposed to a cosmetic derm) and she does Botox for cosmetics but laser and light treatment only for medical stuff but for acne scarring and hyperpigmentation she recommended an unrelated medi spa that I’ve been very happy with. If I ever do Botox I’ll go back to derm or see a plastic surgeon bc the nurse injectors at the medi spa are much more over the top than I want to look like

  6. I see. Ok. They’ve both been private medical dermatologists I go to for routine stuff and for acne treatment. They both have a a medical aesthetician on staff. This time, I at least got a consultation with the aesthetician, but the PA I was seeing didn’t recommend anything specific. Perhaps it’s the clinics way of making extra money and I’d be better off going somewhere that specializes in cosmetic dermatology?

  7. My esthetician told me to stop tret 5 days before and not start tret for 5 days after! That’s what I did and it was fine 😊

  8. I JUST had a consultation with an aesthetician today and she told me I didn’t have have to change my tretinoin use whatsoever. After reading these comments I’m a little weary to go to her 😰

  9. Following along, cause I’d like the same, specifically demi-fine recommendations for silver/white gold

  10. Just saw something sad. Apparently that's now the most popular purebred dog in America.

  11. My dad volunteers at a rescue rehabilitating doggies from puppy farms and he was telling me they get tons of frenchies ☹️ makes me sad

  12. A keystone predator that will cull deer and elk overpopulation and help bring back forests.

  13. Right! Don’t kids in middle school learn about this ? At least the basics??

  14. I’m so sorry! Poor Bubby. For what it’s worth cats will disappear and return sometimes. They’re very resilient. I’ve had cats disappear for days only to stroll in looking fluffy and brushed and happy. Perhaps someone sheltered him during the storms, or maybe he’s just hiding out or still exploring. In any case I’m rooting for him and you to see each other again!

  15. I can’t stand how cute this video is, strait to jail with all of them 😭

  16. He must have been hangry, lol. Don't get between him and his yummies or you might just get the claws!

  17. Same. It implies something shameful about postpartum bodies, like every person that was recently pregnant somehow let themselves go.

  18. I actually got the vaccine in January 2021, I’m still here and feeling all right.

  19. Wait until he finds out how women feed their babies. Fucking moron

  20. Ganache and Rascal. Rascal is shy but once he starts coming he'll come more often

  21. I have good luck with rascal and the cardboard house! He also likes all the green things (shamrock, green pillow, green mushroom) and the red heater. Editing to add: he usually shows up with sashimi only. Rarely with ritzy bits

  22. I first started running 3 years ago with the explicit intention to look “like a runner”. I had some very disordered ideas about what that meant but I’m sure you can imagine!

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