1. Frohes Rosinenpicken, ihr Honks.

  2. Funny, some really great unscripted banter, but WAY, WAYYY too reckless. James could've eaten it for good, and god knows what could've happened on that river. TGT really shows what the mildly overdone health and safety at the Beeb was good for.

  3. If she drowns there, they'll replace her within the week. Employers don't care, people. Never, NEVER give them anything they don't pay you for.

  4. I kinda want HL2, but finding a comedic angle to it might be a bit challenging.

  5. I honestly don't get why they hired a guy who has said on record he knows nothing about Star Trek and is wholly a Star Wars fanboy.

  6. Nobody else would touch it, at the risk of doing such an old beloved franchise any wrong (a pretty much dead franchise at that, which I guess was the bigger factor). Abrams doesn't have that sort of conscience, he's way too full of himself considering what a disrespectful hack he is. Plus, there's this weird philosophy among studios that if you hire someone who's too much of a fan, he'll lack the outside perspective necessary to make an interesting product for a broader audience. Well, I guess that happened...for an audience so broad in fact that there was no semblance of the Trek spirit left in it.

  7. Geez. Really don't know what I would've done. Probably something really bloody violent though. What a c*nt.

  8. Get the residential areas away from the industrial ones (pollution), otherwise I guess it's fine

  9. As part of a bet perhaps, or to compare dicks with Wilson. If someone forced him to, he'd flunk it on purpose. For the free parking. Or something.

  10. They glued themselves to the tarmac. Fridays for Future

  11. Time for a full-size-Ragnarok'd meteorite

  12. You married the explosives guy from Atlantis!

  13. That hasn't stopped since, it's just not covered anymore

  14. My brain had trouble processing that that's a full size broom and this whole process is, in fact, not toy sized

  15. Is there a reason why all the planets seem to tilt in a similar direction? Has it got to do with the solar system's movement through the galaxy?

  16. Utter layman here, but I'd guess it has more to do with what happened during their forming stages and later development. The early solar system was a colossally violent environment. Assuming a star and its satellites form on a roughly uniform plane within the accretion disk with similar orientiations, looking at Venus and Uranus, they must've gotten hit pretty bloody hard by something really big in the past to tilt so far out of whack.

  17. W-where...where is this going? ...and why always Moxxie? xD

  18. That will be me someday. I feel like that thought should be more unsettling to me than it actually is.

  19. This is nothing. Workhorses can look WAY worse than that.

  20. That's why you open up the laptop and examine it before making purchases. This ensures that you (1) buy the correct and compatible parts (2) make sure the slot is not broken, or not seated incorrectly.

  21. ...there is still something alive in there? 😳

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