She left us today... 12.10.22

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  1. I’m so sorry that you are experiencing this stress. The same thing happened to my baby girl this June, she was 20 and started eating less and less over the weekend.

  2. Bruh… how does she have supporters? Even as a joke, even if they got along like that… that’s so disrespectful to her husband to be doing it in public.

  3. I heard Walmart in HB is giving them away for free! You just need to pay for the stand 🤗

  4. ah shoot you beat me to it lol. didn’t see your post before i posted mine ♥️

  5. What I really wanted to say is… Zenon, cat of the 21st century.

  6. She looks like she was ready to go. You did the best thing you could. I know that doesn’t make the pain be any less. Rip to your beauty ❤️

  7. Speculation that it is a Fountain Valley school principal. Here is a screenshot I saw on fb. Not sure if it’s true. Hoping it’s not 🥺

  8. Wait what?? My kids went to Courreges while Mr. C was there.

  9. I cannot even imagine how dark of a place he was in that he felt this was his only solution. It’s so tragic. He sounds like he was so loved by all his students. If it’s true, I hope he is resting in peace ❤️

  10. My husband and I found a lot of free furniture on fb marketplace!

  11. I use it to motivate my students “if we finish early, I’ll play it”. It’s usually only 2-3 min at the end and we have a great lesson before :)

  12. Bless You for giving him a chance! He seems like such a great baby. He will be missed I’m sure. ❤️

  13. Try baby food! Or chicken broth with boiled chicken very thinly shredded

  14. “How to block people faster if they do not 100% agree with me”

  15. A couple years ago Aspyn’s brother made a bunch of Instagram stories basically saying how Aspyn is fake, how their mom loves Aspyn more because she buys her vacations, ect. Ever since then it’s kindof given me the ich. I’ve been watching Aspyn since she was in high school, atleast 8 years at this point. I loved their travel content, life as a young couple ect, but recently (within the last year or so) its just been different. I hate that every video/ post is sponsored. I hate that she’s treating this like a job and not something fun that brings income. It’s also extremely hard to connect with her anymore, like man I wish I could have gotten my basement finished for free. I wish I could spend/ get sent thousands of dollars in clothes and donate it all every couple months when I have an entire new wardrobe. Idk, I guess recently it’s just been hard to connect with her.

  16. Wow! Which brother? I don’t follow any of them so I had no idea and I’m shocked 😱

  17. 100% agree. I have a unique name (not quite as unique as Cove), but unique, hard to pronounce, unheard of nonetheless.

  18. I also have a unique name and hated it growing up as no one ever said it correctly or thought it was weird. I totally thought it made me weird because no one had ever heard it and people would tell me that.

  19. If she didn’t care she wouldn’t limit her comments 🫖

  20. I’ve always thought Parker was cute, not hot but definitely cute.

  21. When Parker basically had to justify that he can take care of daughters to Aspyn’s friend… why didn’t Aspyn defend him?

  22. When my husband and I bought Last year we were paying 50% of our monthly income. Now we’re paying 30% because we both got promotions.

  23. I have no doubt Nate loved Gabby but I also think he didn’t take accountability.

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