1. Nope, I would refuse it. I know people that have had major dental issues with it.

  2. Please DO NOT take Cipro, it is a Black Box drug and has horrible side effects! Look it up, bad bad drug. For gut antibiotics you want Flagyl and Neomycin, they both stay in the gut. But warning they wipe good and bad bacteria so then you have to get the good bacteria back for a healthy immune system.

  3. To add to everyone's bottled water comments, I haven't experienced this myself but I've been told to only buy from stores and reputable places. Apparently street vendors will sometimes wash and refill bottles from their sink and put a new cap on it.

  4. Oh gosh any antibiotic but Cipro - that one is horrible and has a Black Box Warning!!! For gut antibiotics you want Flagyl and Neomycin. Never take Cipro!

  5. When your ready to share let me know. Sounds like we have many similar gifts/issues.

  6. Same boat as you and I have found food makes a difference. There is no way I could be vegan due to the carbs and crashes it itself give. I do best on more carnivore diet because I don’t have the blood sugar spikes like carbs give. Smoothies are daily for me I am much better if GF. It is hard when too tired to properly plan meals. Some days I just do not even want to have to eat to avoid the wrong foods 🤦‍♀️

  7. Yup! I drink one packet with gym and sip on another throughout the day along with just plain water. Huge difference

  8. Yes!!! My kids even say I am a big kid. I’m

  9. Yes they were very helpful for me. I took Acylovir 3 times a day and it really lowered my overal viral load.

  10. I have a doctors office that has them as well!

  11. Parks are still packed and will still be at the price increase.

  12. We were just there last week and we all came back sick! While there we had to go to First Aid for my son to get a breathing treatment.

  13. We just did Space 220, it was ok. Very over priced IMO. Service took so long and kids were beyond bored and ready to go. I wish we would have skipped and done something else with that time and money.

  14. I could not get Xifixan and had to use Neomycin and Flagyl. I felt like warmed up death the entire 2 weeks taking it. I almost stopped many times as it was so rough! But after I was done I felt like a brand new person. I hear Xifixan is more gentle but my insurance denied it. I have had SIBO return and can not tolerate to cycle 1-2 days here and there, it does help. But I struggle to make myself that sick again and do a full 2 weeks of those two antibiotics. I think what you are experiencing are just normal die off. I did use some Activated Charcoal to help some of the gosh awful die off.

  15. That is probably because Tramadol sucks! It never works for my pain especially in my neck.

  16. Yes I do, only thing I will take and that actually works. It is much safer than the Gabapentin or Lyrica they try to push on many. Those both have horrible side effects and hard to get off of.

  17. Yes I have both. I would not function without my ADHD meds. I currently take Adderall and never have an issue with it but I am not taking much else. I could not tolerate the side effects and adding on more pills due to another pill so I stopped. I changed my diet, lifestyle, work on relaxing and using more Eastern medicine to manage my disease. Those changes have allowed me to just use Prednisone as a rescue for a flare up. I find my anxiety gets worse when not on my ADHD meds as so much is overwhelming.

  18. Bigger cities can have more issues obviously, just like any other state as far as crime. Sure there are a lot of churches in the South but no one shoving it on you. We do not attend and no one cares. Perhaps in the smaller cities it is bigger but maybe due to not alot of other things to do. We went to Grenada for a weekend to take my son to a football camp and the absolute nicest people, small town and people of all races were hanging out and enjoying the time together. Really people care more about how you treat others. The South has some very friendly people and you will find your group where you find like minded people but also nice mix of people, no one wants an echo chamber of friends. It is nice to meet people of all kinds, beliefs and ideas and if all are respectful of that you can have wonderful friendships with all sorts of people. As far as heat and humidity, be thankful and embrace it! It is the best natural way to sweat and detox and keeps you having to buy a sauna to accomplish that! As someone with health and autoimmune issues I love the heat to help my body sweat and detox naturally.

  19. I moved from NYS to Oxford. It's a college town and a retirement community. To my knowledge, it's the most sophisticated town in Northern MS.

  20. Memphis is dangerous in certain areas, you wouldn’t want to go to those areas anyway. Not all of a Memphis is and most are confused by that. There is a lot to do here and plenty safe and lots of families. During the summer Beale Street can get crazy but most locals do not want to go there anyways, mainly bars. Overton Square, Collierville, Germantown, East Memphis, Bartlett is all safe and has lots of things to do.

  21. We’ve always required the address but if it was missing we would just add it ourselves. This is some kind of bullshit to have the patient take the RX back to Dr to have them add it on. Like people with chronic pain issues don’t have enough on their plate as is, now add this to the mix geez!!

  22. The guidelines have been harming chronic pain patients for past few years now. It is utterly ridiculous what they are doing!

  23. I have a low immune system too and honestly the Ivermectin has helped me a lot. You have to do what you feel is best but as someone with similar issues I would highly suggest read about its anti inflammatory and anti viral effects. Many autoimmune patients are finding how much it has helped them after taking it for Covid.

  24. 2014 study found neither ADHD nor stimulant medications stunt growth, and I think I'll put more weight to a sample size of 5718 than 6.

  25. It isn’t just 6. I have 3 kids and in every grade it is happening. Many friends with kids and the same thing. Who did the study and is tied to any company that might profit from the outcome? Got to always use discernment.

  26. To be clear: I am not arguing that some of those kids aren't on too high of doses or making arguments about their home life or the rest of their treatment plans.

  27. Oh there is a real need for these medicines. I am not for getting rid of them. It is absolutely what you said: kids on way too high of doses, parents completely uneducated about it/just up the dose so kid is easier to deal with in school and at home. The right dosage can be effective for many and very helpful. For those with ADHD going completely unmedicated can cause lots of other issues like anxiety and depression. I think you hit the nail on the head with the over medicated/dosage and parents not knowing.

  28. heyyy twin! so, for schedule prescription meds you really can't get them without a prescription(benzos, opiates, etc), no matter the pharmacy/city/state. I order my prescriptions from a legit doctor, he's my plug for them. Really really difficult to get out hands on opiates and stuff on the street from regular dealers though... I've also used printed prescriptions, some plugs sell the pdf then what u gotta do is basically fill em w the data and take to the store... those fail very often though(depending on the pharmacy they can tell they're fake and will decline them)so the only legit way to get meds is with a real prescription.

  29. If we travel from USA and have our prescription bottle will they fill it there? Or do we need a new prescription from a doctor there? Just curious as we plan on traveling and I have no idea how it will work.

  30. Meh, tired of being in pain from several autoimmune diseases. Government wants to crack down on true pain patients and quality of life for them. Tired of hurting and just want to not hurt and be a fun mom to my kids. Pain sucks the joy out of you.

  31. I was worried about my vitamins. I cant chew so I'm on a liquid diet. I'm drinking those nutrients drinks and soup that a still use my magic bullet on. I will look into this. Thank you!

  32. I do not absorb nutrients well so I do take a liquid multi vitamin (absorb better than pills - Mary Ruth Organic) and also get Myer’s Cocktail IV’s to help me. Sorry you are hurting so bad.

  33. Yes if I eat high histamine and inflammatory foods!

  34. See why do they not have meetings with doctors and patients? I would be more than welcome to invite these doctors to my home and watch it in action.

  35. I've been battling degenerative disc disease which helped lead my disc between my L4 and L5, L5 and S1 to completely blow out when I was 20. It took over a year to get a doctor to schedule an mri. By the time I got into the Neurologist, I was dragging my left leg from the damage the disc did to my sciatica. Another 9 months got me into surgery. He removed the remains of the disc to get the pressure off my sciatica. My Specialist now and past Specialist are always surprised he didnt do a fusion. So with the short story. I am now 32 with a fractured S1 vertebra, DDD, schmorl's nodes, multiple slipped disc throughout my back, sciatica is fucked, left leg is messed up and suffering from muscle atrophy.

  36. Oh I hate both those pills! They do not help. I need an MRI and to go to neurologist. Put it off scared just another doctor to not listen. Reading your post helped pushed me to go see one! I can’t take the pain anymore.

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