1. As all said density is indeed low, the hairline is indeed straight. But you shouldn’t be worried as:

  2. Thank you for input guys. Other question: is it a myth or not that BT TT is inferior to wired one if you are very picky on sound quality?

  3. BT TT is not comparable, it’s totally different. Just a gimmick. It’s like comparing an audio effect of a sport engine in a car to a real sport car.

  4. Do not buy a Bluetooth turntable neither buy any Bluetooth converters. That defies the whole point of vinyl music due to compression! You could very well listen to Spotify or YouTube then. In fact they are way better as will have more info and better compression.

  5. Dzrs says:

    I’m guessing you mean the recipient area.. just leave it and see what it looks like after 6 months

  6. No I mean the donor area, if you look above my ears the red part and the hair there is thin and shedded

  7. Cool, thank you for the feedback! To be honest I very much like that he is not into any marketing fluff and the fact that he is more concerned with the medical aspect of the whole process.

  8. Yup totally agree with you. And frankly they gave me some luxury with the food breaks with him during the surgery and so on. He speaks perfect English as well. I felt I am working with a pro for sure.

  9. Thanks for the reply, but what about post up? Like the days or weeks after the surgery?

  10. Nothing at all, if any a bit itchy scalp in the donor area. I just had some swelling in the 3rd day that was gone in the 4th and that is pretty normal. But that is one thing to look for, under the hand of a good surgeon the extraction is done well that no bleeding or intense damage happens, as such, healing is much faster

  11. Yup! I was honestly surprised how good it is considering the price! Photos here doesn’t give it its right. It even worked with my mac photo booth like a charm 😎

  12. It’s cool! We yet to see someone hair transplanting their nutsack 😅

  13. I had similar hair pattern like yours. You possibly won’t be able to cover it all BUT I think you certainly can do hair transplant, possibly max 3800 grafts or so to cover front and mid scalp.

  14. I had a consultation with dr Freitas from Spain he had told me my density was very low I found it odd. But thanks for response

  15. Check with several Drs some just want to avoid any hard case especially if they can fill their calendar anyways with clients.

  16. You look more like a Norwood 6-7. Did you try using Minixodil?

  17. I am pretty much between both as well. I did my research (extensively) and if for the C your concern is heating, don't even think about it, as both have pretty much identical out of the box airflow and heating. Yet, of course, S2 does give extra space, thus, more option to add even more cooling elements.

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