1. I've had this on the same fingernail for twenty-three years. It started after my fingertip got caught in a heavy door. It also has a weird skin tab that grows under the fingernail in that spot. Even over two decades later, the fingertip is still quite sensitive.

  2. Same here!! It’s like a perpetual scar tissue that never stops growing right under my nail. Same cause, getting stuck in a door many years ago

  3. Pineapple. I love pizza and I love pineapple. But the two flavors I do not like together. And yes I have tried it.

  4. Both mushrooms and pineapple are great on pizza but not together

  5. The whole pizza place looked quizzically at her

  6. The eggs/maggots were inside the tomatoes already.

  7. I know you’re not like technically wrong here but can we please not call fruit fly larvae “maggots” in the same sentence as explaining all fruits and veggies in our homes have said larvae on them

  8. I thought the op was talking about the idiom as well. It seems he means why do we talk literally about taking out the trash. I think it's just one of those TV things that caught on. A way to show someone is forgetful.

  9. Just got a draw pad recently and learning the ropes. Got a long way to go to be where I want to be but I'm pretty proud of this silly little creation.

  10. usually to be ignored and/or getting tied to nonconforming material.

  11. I spent much of my career looking into nonconforming material leading failure investigations and root cause analysis… it’s great!

  12. I just put this album on a couple days ago and completely realized just how much that album influenced my taste in music. Loved it then and now

  13. It’s a jam. What makes it unique is the voice interludes. So different from any other punk of the time, and so cool. Early to mid-90’s had some great music.

  14. And I feel like we’re having a massive 80s-90s music revival now. so many bands from the 80s and 90s are back together and making albums and the old stuff is becoming popular again because of the ease of access these days.

  15. 3-row 7-seat vehicles can suck my butt. i need that 8th seat.

  16. The highlander was previously available in an 8 seat version already. Granted it’s probably tight

  17. In tests, it identified 26 percent of AI-written text as “likely AI-written.”

  18. New English homework assignment: “read this AI generated essay and figure out what mistakes it made”

  19. Definitely not worried even though I started getting random inflammation and hives starting age 39. I’m sure it won’t kill me by 60…

  20. Tell me what you want me to do, scrum master

  21. "Gas cars arent really that much more dangerous than electric cars because of the emissions" - Coworker of mine

  22. THAT'S HIS FIRST CAR? Anything over 300 horsepower for a first car is an automatic no.

  23. “But I’m a really responsible kid and I’ll be careful”

  24. Somewhere in the USA there is a lost nuke buried deep in the ground. They lost it during a transit flight and luckily the failsafe worked and it didn't explode. They never found it.

  25. Great, more stuff to have an irrational fear over. Right after quicksand, shark attack, and being arrested for a crime I didn’t commit

  26. I have perfect eyesight and this tracks.

  27. Tuna casserole and home made soup is a pretty good stuff.

  28. Education comes from caring about what you learn, not repitition.

  29. Such as the flavor and location and circumstances of receiving a single cupcake one time. My kid has almost perfect recall over desserts

  30. That man is doing a great job teaching his kid about finances.

  31. The crazy thing is not what kids can learn, but how fast kids forget.

  32. There’s some other critical comparisons as well… you have to physically transport gasoline to its distribution stations, which is also inefficient, whereas electricity is distributed easily over wires. I imagine not long from now EV tankers will exist to transport liquid fuels because it’s so much more efficient to do so compared to diesel tankers.

  33. For highschool classes I suggest making assignments more interesting than something AI can answer. ChatGPT can easily get confused and give its standard diplomatic answer, easy for a teacher to detect. Younger grades just shouldn't have homework.

  34. For my kid’s 3rd grade class, they looked all the parents straight in the eye and said “your kids will have ‘20-25 minutes of homework’ per day”

  35. I suggest you stay far away from San Francisco if that is your reaction

  36. If they invested that in sustainable energy future we’d be set for a thousand years

  37. She'll accept 70k and for that you get a promise she won't escalate this.

  38. This is a dick move and a slip up, but not illegal or even really unethical

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