Everybody, please chime in and comment how many shares you own. I’ll do my best to add everything up to try and get an idea of how many shares this sub owns!

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Something isn't adding up

  1. When OP goes out to lunch he needs to go to the pharmacy instead

  2. Sorry you can’t post this, it looks to legit man

  3. Will wait till I see RC’s 13D filings. Corporate media has lost the benefit of the doubt for me.

  4. when does the 13f gets released? If im right he had to buy a BIG portion in order to be forced to file a 13D

  5. “4 people familiar with the matter” 🤣 who are these 4??

  6. Jim cramer , Kenny boi , Tritton and the Person who wrote that paper . That equals 4

  7. so how did they came up with the money? or who bought something from them ?

  8. crazy how they all go to that fox show didnt those popcorn grifters spoke about market fairness with him and now they all gone

  9. I'll take this guys nft dividend if he doesn't want it

  10. Gamestop NFT Dividend based On Teddy , GMErica , Loopring, Protocol Gemini , Kiraverse, Cyber crew and Wu-tang would be The final blow for the shorts. 🏴‍☠️🟣 7 Platform Trans4rming into 1 NFT .

  11. yea you right im glad i sold this morning glad i saw this comment thank you idk what i would have done without you

  12. OP is suggesting that false news is reporting that RC is invested into those companies to try and get people to FOMO into them. They wouldn't suggest such companies unless they were fucked and needed the FOMO.

  13. " they" as in Shorts , Msm, kenny . they want to push this narrative out of desperation

  14. Activist Investor Ryan Cohen Takes Stake in Alibaba and Pushes for More Stock Buybacks

  15. lmao moomoo didnt Does Popcorn grifters pushed that on peoples face

  16. sorry if it happened to you but killing people is not the answer

  17. i beat you to it OP but who cares we have to spread the word about staying away from baba

  18. then why did citadel owns shares ...... they have a big position on alibaba .

  19. Do you have proof he doesn't or didn't have Netflix when that was reported? I'm not aware of a verified listing of RC Ventures holdings


  21. This was back in august. wonder why they are posting this article now...

  22. distraction they want people to bet their money on aliba and then they will kill the liquidity

  23. All of a sudden this topic is all over my Reddit feed. I smell bullshit.

  24. all of sudden they decide to announce this after months of him "supposedly" buying in

  25. dude you are literally copy and pasting 3rd time i see this post . Most of the people know whats going on seems like you are blasting this same talking point for the benefit of Bobby . I hope everything works out for yll and hopefully Baby gets bought by RC but you starting to sound like MSM with the Same talking point

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