1. I miss metal universe. I have all these too and they are so cool.

  2. Great looking card. I like Gimenez and his future value.

  3. This is very disappointing. Favorite release of the year.

  4. Anders Erickson did a video on hot toddys recently that was good. Check it out on YouTube.

  5. I thought of Freel when I saw this yesterday on the Mariners sub.

  6. All of the Reds inserts have been scooped up at this point sorry.

  7. No problem. Thanks for getting back to me.

  8. Thanks, it really is a beautiful card. Hopefully he bounces back this year.

  9. Apparently he was being a handy man during a lighting malfunction in Oakland. This was after the bees.

  10. Also price on Ichiro chrome and Pete rose vintage.

  11. Connor Overton auto and Chapman rookie?

  12. I live in his hometown. His grandson was in the same Tball league as my son. Very cool having Don at the ball field all summer.

  13. Nah, just takes pics with kids who don’t know who he is. Lol

  14. I have most of the Reds but I’ll take a look at them if you have any

  15. Records, video games, painting/drawing, kayaking.

  16. Love kayaking. Wish I got to do it more often.

  17. Same. I haven’t been able to get out much the last couple of years. Hoping to change that next summer.

  18. Waiting on my kids to get old enough to go with me. Still won’t be as relaxing though. Lol

  19. Or just buy her a Long Island Iced Tea and she won’t stop smiling.

  20. I will give you $10 for those cards of you pay for shipping.

  21. If I’ve got any doubles, I’ll let you know! I’m also trying to do this!! I love SP’s in general

  22. That would be awesome! Yeah, the image variations are usually pretty cool. Almost like they’re all Stadium Club. Lol

  23. I’d buy a Reds team set if you have it.

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