German government will push for a European federation

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  1. Parent is dumb, kid is dumb, guard not dumb. Guards won’t stop for any reason it’s their job.

  2. What got me to visible: They gave me a 200$ gift card to switch. (That stopped working And the website stopped existing within 6 months.). Just being transparent here.

  3. If you have the IKEA hub the buttons work under homekit and can be programmed in the home app.

  4. I don’t think you can do it if you have Spotify right? Apple Music only? Or am I wrong?

  5. Exactly what i thought too. Imo in this example these provide absolute zero value.

  6. Can EU have a vote whether we want them back? Cuz I’d definitely say nah too late for that now lol

  7. If they go insolvent, what’s gonna happen to my ETH that’s staked on and cannot be withdrawn until eth upgrade?

  8. Just have a much better Wifi password and keep this person off your network.

  9. That’s the sane and recommended route, I think that since I have to deal with it and spend the energy on it I might as well have some fun out of it!

  10. I just had to get my APIM module replaced on my 2016. It was a nightmare dealing with the dealership after they bricked my computer trying to update it. After the new module was installed, everything worked just fine. You can buy it directly from Ford and there's videos on YouTube for self installation if you don't want to pay the dealership and go through that hassle.

  11. could you link the video on youtube? I'm dealing with that bs right now on 2018 5.0

  12. I’m impressed with how aggressive Poland is being / has been throughout this war. But then again, they have had a long bad history with Russia.

  13. Yeah, I think there’s definitely a lot of very valid and deserved bad blood after how many times they got fucked over by the ruskies

  14. Little Victories coffee shop on Elgin is my fav!!

  15. Thank you for the recommendation! I just tried it out today and the fact that they don’t have wifi is a dealbreaker for me unfortunately :/ their coffee was meh meh too tbh! But that’s just a personal opinion of course

  16. I can't speak to what's popular but I plan to work downtown next week and am considering the following spots:

  17. Fantastic answer! Have fun in Ottawa :) I’ll update this post by the end of this week and write my favourites!

  18. I moved to the US for college and decided to stay after. My reasons are specific for me and apply more so to where I chose to live (San Diego, CA). There’s just so much more than just work-related things when deciding where to live:

  19. Who else misses when SOL was $200?

  20. I’m also looking at tvs at Costco, but I’m looking for 65’ option. Is X90J still the best choice? I’m looking for price/quality ratio more so than just quality, so it doesn’t have to be the top model.

  21. Definitely not August Smart Wifi Lock. Stay as far as possible from that company :)

  22. I should have specified that my experience is limited to august smart lock wifi, and the customer support. It certainly works for some people, nevertheless many, including me, have experienced very poor, lately practically non-existing customer service, buggy iOS application, doorsense works half the time and resets itself to where i had to recalibrate it multiple times a week because it just forgot the calibration like it never happened, battery life when using wifi is rather questionable (some say to just turn off wifi and switch Bluetooth, but that still seems like a weird design choice considering it’s called august wifi smart lock)…

  23. YouTube doesn’t check their ads. Actually I don’t think YouTube checks much of anything

  24. They do! I’m actually a content moderator for their platform and this asset was probably not caught by the model (AI) or a human agent- it should have been flagged for uncomfortable content. You can report it though and it should be taken down!

  25. Why the hell should I hurt this small creator by reporting it?

  26. Well the subjective viewpoint is yours to have of course, I am just saying that in regards to Google’s Advertising community guidelines, such asset is in violation of the uncomfortable ruling and if reported would be taken down. This was a response to whether why the fuck is this allowed by YT: it’s not. But things slip through :)

  27. The current issue with the EU is the inconsistency, or lack of vision. Unifying economics and political philosophy could certainly help EU get a more unified vision. I for one definitely would vote for it, but as always the outcome probably would be shit considering how modern democracy and politics work. In a perfect world we’d create a government of the European federation by electing officials who are extraordinary in their fields? Hire scientists who know what the fuck they’re doing, put them together with leaders who know how to explain it to the masses, but don’t expect someone who knows HOW to talk, to know WHAT they say.

  28. I recommend to just get your own modem and router. Saves you money on rental fees.

  29. What a true cox rep, didn't read the OP's message and stated a mediocre statement without any additional information.

  30. I was there on Friday afternoon and it was a pure madness.. The line was so long it literally started by Lululemon/American girl (

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