1. Ya you did!! I found a couple new trails in my TJ last night too, she’s diiiiiirty now 🤘🏼

  2. like the illegal pot stores that existed for a couple decades before it legalized

  3. Ok, so, considering I like to play rock/metal/any song with distortion, overdrive etc. I'd pick the LTD then.

  4. Ok, let's suppose the options are a player series fender (not what I was comparing the LTD with initially i know), and an ESP LTD EC-1000FR. What would be the best option between the two?

  5. Personally I would take the EC-1000…I have an EC-256 and I absolutely love it! Squier to me just looks and feels cheap. My LTD feels and plays like a quality instrument.

  6. Loooove the ESPs! Got myself the EC-256 and couldn’t be happier with it. Beautiful rack your dad built too!

  7. That’s awesome! My first ESP was an LTD EC-400VF. I loved that guitar. But I traded it towards the black one. It was great. But this particular gentleman in the photo may have annihilated the truss unknowingly. So I’m lucky I got $500 for it on trade. Hahaha

  8. Had a buddy hit those tracks too fast on Vye road. He didn’t survive. Have fun but drive safe please!

  9. Used to park up there at night to blaze as a teen. Holy hell, 20 years later I thank you for the memories! No out of the normal experiences for me, but I’ve heard the stories.

  10. Had a band mate in highschool get a guitar with a Floyd, and watching him struggle to restring it convinced me to never buy a Floyd. To this day I have still never had one.

  11. Mine is the same color. Is it a 99?

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