1. I bought a syringe if RSO and I have no idea how to partake. It's just been sitting here for weeks.

  2. Eat it! Put a small amount on a cracker, cookie, peanut butter, or just on your finger. It’s extremely potent and effective so consider your tolerance when you decide how much to eat. Do not recommend dabbing or vaping.

  3. I just assume because of the price point. They were more expensive than the Lemon Butter or Blue Boi. Which are the only types of RSO I've seen from them until recently.

  4. Picked up on sale @ Botanist. First time trying one of these newly released strains. Smells wonderful, buds are sticky and dense. Flavor is not as potent as the smell, but still holds up. Pretttty happy with this one.

  5. I chose Techron over this after checking out the jar at the store. Glad I passed on it, thanks for sharing.

  6. Haven’t picked up any Certified in nearly a year due to being repeatedly let down by dry, flavorless, odorless, weak by all standards product.

  7. Unrelated to your question - Could you post or DM me a pic of the bud? Curious about trying.

  8. I’m new to this stuff and never fucked with extracts (aside from vape carts).

  9. No. RSO is “Rick Simpson Oil”. I’m not 100% certain of the extraction method, but it is meant for eating rather than vaping or dabbing. Very potent.

  10. Okay so it is the darker substance. That makes more sense. Thought you were about to be high for a week straight from that butter.

  11. Haha! Yeah, this is a spoonful of peanut butter with some RSO drizzled on top. It’s straight hash oil so it’s not exactly a pleasant flavor, hence the peanut butter. Highly recommend giving it a shot though! Can always try the capsules as well.

  12. I wish they’d give us the terps listed as numbers 🤷‍♂️

  13. Oh damn buddy plz post up some pictures when you do have time. Haven't seen much feedback on these yet..What is the cross on the mushroom cake? My disp just got these and the carts in yesterday.Not gonna lie I was a little disappointed that the carts aren't actual woodward strains. I wasn't sure how that was going to work,but the pacific gold company does have a good rep. Just was kinda hoping to have animal face carts lol

  14. Torche crushes. It most likely has a lot to do with their guitar playing. Super low tuning, gear nerds, etc. Just went to the Cleveland show and I’d be lying if I said they didn’t steal the show. Insane band.

  15. Woodward Animal Face has been a go to for me when I want very strong effects

  16. I purchased 3-2.8 jars of big head from Rise the other day & it came out to 11 grams even for under $90. That's why I don't buy halves. And yes, my scale is properly calibrated. I bought a half ounce once and it was exactly 14 g. You'll always get a little bit extra purchasing the smaller jars. Klutch is fire no matter what 🔥🤸😎🗿 Btw, this strain had me giggling & pain free. The terpene profile is insane. Enjoy 😊

  17. I will say I’ve had my card for over a year and not one purchase of any size, from any company, has ever been over by any significant amount. So the likelihood that you snagged a free 3g’s is just.. unlikely. Might wanna peep that scale calibration.

  18. I feel like I won something 🤣 What a great pick up @ Botanist in Akron today. These nugs are massive. Truly have never gotten nugs this large and dense before from any purchases in the program (Woodward has been close 😉) Smell is powerful, it’s super tasty, and hits just right 😎

  19. Stopped in from out of town. Did some research here first and figured I’d check Vibe out. Woman behind the counter was very nice! Was great to be able to check out the buds before buying. This Granimals is daaaank! Big chunky buds, very dense and sticky. Smell is strong fruity gas and it tastes fantastic. Honestly this is top shelf stuff. 🔥

  20. That’s true I just deleted all vanguard related stuff from the ps4 section and it works now, I didn’t have the beta but I did delete all saved data for vanguard on both ps4 and ps5 menu and it works now. Didn’t lose anything either, still have all my unlocks

  21. I got a batch of this and it crumbled into dust and smells like hay. Hardly any effects. Anybody else?

  22. Same. I reached out to them via Facebook messenger they advised me to email support,

  23. That’s really great to hear. Unfortunately I don’t have my receipt, but good to know for the future!

  24. My jar was dry and smelled/tasted terrible as well. Combine that with the equally terrible tasting and odd looking, multicolored oil filled cart I got from them last week and I think I’m gonna be taking a break from Certified for a while.

  25. Also, I did make homemade beef broth for this and it makes all the difference 👍🏼

  26. Odds are Sentinel Dome and Taft Point are almost for sure not going to be accessible in April but it has been a low snow year so maybe. Snowpack is about 45% of normal right now. They depend on the opening of the Glacier Point Road..

  27. Thank you!! Good to know about the road closure, didn't quite realize those hikes were in that area of the park. So much great info. Thanks again!

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