1. it's been going on for a long time now. Basically from what I understand they essentially let their security stuff lapse and have not bothered to renew/replace/update it. Instead they now use Cloudflare for a lot of their stuff and that, too has been causing problems of its own.

  2. Not to be weird but would love third update to see how it all turns out! Wishing you the best

  3. After reading your update, just giving my $0.02 don't meet with this guy. It'll just validate the fact he thinks he can bully or intimidate you. You have nothing to "smooth over". You were doing the right thing emailing him to confirm and he responded passive aggressively 1. To be a jerk and make you second guess yourself, and 2. So he didn't have to admit to the fact he's been deliberately going over time every class.

  4. THIS. OP please read this! Do not go to his office, just report him to the higher ups

  5. see, I really love this one. I think about it a lot; ever since I read that I catch myself overusing “feel”. But I’m frustrated that like, even despite that I still struggle with it. It looks so easy (like your example!) but for at least, it’s easier said than done…idk, maybe it just takes time

  6. Report, report, report! This happened to me once, although it was posted in a similarly sized fandom. Someone let me know in the comments. I immediately reported the work then DMed the person to let them know I had reported them. I also went through that "writer's" other works and found that they had also been plagiarized from other writers. So I tracked down the original writers of THOSE stories and let them know as well while also reporting those plagiarized works. Within a few hours, the plagiarist poster had deleted their entire profile along with their stolen stories.

  7. do you mind telling me how you identified and tracked down the original writers of the other stories the thief had plagiarized? I think that’s a great idea (writers helping writers!) and I want to know how to do that in the future if I encounter something similar

  8. I just googled a small section of each story with distinct wordage not containing a character name. The plagiarist had switched out character names but otherwise copied the stories verbatim.

  9. I was 12 when I started reading fanfic and I'm now 24 so... 12 years! :D

  10. Omg that’s just about the same as me! It’s crazy to think that’s almost half my/our life yk

  11. Yeah! And that, at the start, I was only reading in french 😱

  12. oh to be bilingual😞 sometimes I feel like I can barely read in English. But seriously tho, that’s amazing that you’ve come so far, especially since it opened up the doors to so many more fics

  13. I’ll always be scarred by, ‘she felt a shoulder on her shoulder’ :/

  14. okay so this tutorial (starting at 4:00) tells you how to download scenepacks from mega and import them into capcut:

  15. A lotr tenthwalker, Jessica Kendrick in: Middle Earth Mission by TaylorMomsen. It’s my comfort fic <3

  16. Lmaooo pls keep us updated bc I started to do this and then felt so guilty/couldn’t stand Bobby being mad and hurt with me so I had to restart and have it so I didn’t run away with someone else. But I was still v curious about how the rest of it would’ve gone had I kept going!

  17. imagine an enemies to lovers route w lottie while on a gary route 👨🏽‍🍳💋

  18. fighting for a man and end up falling for each other instead…GIVE IT TO ME PLS

  19. Yeah it sounds weird and all, but it's bold of you to assume FFN does any marketing at all.

  20. No I know, that’s why i thought it was so weird. I know how dead that site is these days

  21. Yeah you’re right, I’ve heard that for some fandoms it’s more active than Ao3, just none of mine it seems

  22. I’m mostly in the Tolkien fandom which is huge, but I’m not into the most popular pairings.

  23. i literally came here looking for someone to say this and then I saw your username and was like "omg its MimiLind!".

  24. That is stressful! I’m sorry to hear that. Whenever I’m in a similar situation and everything seems so overwhelming that it seems impossible, I just try to focus on one thing at a time. I work on the most time sensitive thing/the thing that is due first, and when that’s done I cross it off the list and move onto the next one.

  25. I had my husband's bosses loud AF wife yell at me across the table at a corporate Christmas party to ask why I'm so quiet.

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