1. Really where is swami prasad maurya him and see his image and them try finding them in video ..

  2. Read properly bro it's supporters of swami prashad Maurya , aa jaate ho Bina padhe gyaan pelne

  3. Or inhe elections jeetne hai. Lakh gadho ke bali dene par aise gadhe uptarit hote hai. Hope ED raid mare ise. Any news about any action on it OP?

  4. Full statement translation in English :If we talk about any land, then this land was occupied by China in 1962, they (opposition) don't tell you, they will show that it happened the day before yesterday... If I am lacking in thinking then I can use my army or intelligence. I will talk to I don't call Chinese ambassador to ask for my news: External Affairs Minister

  5. Ek kudos to mai bhi deserve karta hu post karne ke liye 😂

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