AITA for Accidentally Ruining My Girlfriend's Career?

*Lowers face into palm*

Are you being serious right now?

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  1. This has nothing to do with sexism. You are missing the political context for the song and what it means. (and by the way Meloni is one of the supporter of having women at home taking care of children an Christian family, she justify sexism and the patriarchal structure of society)

  2. It's always hilarious to me when female politicians talk about how women belong at then why aren't you in your house right now, asshat??

  3. Yes. Each one had a theme. I wasn't allowed to go to them (strict parents club 🙌), but my classmates would tell me how bad it was. I think the somewhat best one was pajama themed. Funny that they were allowed to wear pajamas around each other, but dancing was prohibited 😂😂😂😂

  4. Damn your parents were too strict for board game night?? They took strictness to a whole new level

  5. Ain't they ever see the Footloose remake? Where the town outlaws dancing because they're super religious but the guy convinces the preacher (who more or less runs the town) that David dances in the bible and dancing should then be allowed

  6. Why the remake when the original was infinitely better?

  7. Oh honey, no. Move out and get your life back. Those things aren't going to improve, they're going to get even worse the more locked down he thinks you are. Get out before he gets you pregnant.

  8. Holy shit I would be more than mildly infuriated. I hope your husband is handling his mother, bc I know my MIL would never be alone with my kid again!

  9. To the back of the head before he stuffs you in his trunk

  10. I haven't, and I work with local businesses every day.

  11. Working with them and working for them are two different things tbh.

  12. Baby, that money has been gone. He is not popular anymore and he lived too hard when he was. Otherwise he wouldn't be in LA Fitness, come on

  13. Dear heart, why do you want to continue the relationship?? What has he done for you in the past year that makes you think he loves you?

  14. Fuckin ridiculous, I've only been with 3 dudes but I promise when I'm fucking my husband I'm only thinking of him not my shitty ex that tried to ruin my life

  15. Is this self reported, because I'm questioning the validity of st marys county maryland having a real, large Irish population

  16. Yep, that’s why it’s so much better dating guys. There is no guessing if they are in the mood.

  17. If only this was always true. Hearing shit like this makes my boyfriend's low libido hurt 3x more

  18. A simple drive by to see if it was something with a liver that was worth eating…

  19. I read there have been zero cases of killer whales intentionally killing humans in the wild. However, they HAVE purposefully killed humans in captivity.

  20. They're smart af. They don't want to eat us, but if we enslave them, they will fight back.

  21. I swear anytime I mention universal healthcare in the slightest, my mother comes back with "yeah, but keep in mind how much you'll be paying in taxes!!11!"

  22. Where are you located if you don't mind sharing? Looks exceptionally cozy, and the snowshoes piqued my curiosity

  23. Joys of owning nothing- what are you gonna take from me?

  24. Don't worry about Macy. What will really be accomplished by talking to her?

  25. NTA your friend is. Everyone saying you shouldn’t have discussed it, like they have never opened up to a friend they trusted about something they private. You were processing this new information, debriefing with a friend. Your friend was the one gossiping.

  26. Ok but he legit said "my one friend is a gossip" so he knew before he told them that they like to talk shit, so why tell the gossipy friend?? I get telling one trusted friend, maybe, to get some perspective, but this was just being a gossipy jerk himself

  27. Why are people such jerks sometimes on this app. This is funny fits perfectly but ole Debbie downer up there is like waaah I’ve seen it before. Say you have no life without saying you have no life.

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