1. Just out of curiosity...does anyone know what she does for a job now? Or does she continue to live and make enough from her old videos? What will she do once enough years have passed that her old videos stop bringing in real money? Of couse Julien still works on YouTube so im sure they are more than okay. I just wonder because I know she's someone who likes to work. I could see her working as a video editor. She probablyyyy couldn't use her psychology degree because of her fame, but I really don't know.

  2. i don’t remember where i saw this but i vaguely remember hearing that she just does freelance editing now? i could totally be wrong/making this up but i feel like i heard it somewhere

  3. Rhaenyra: you are a good mother even though you were scared of motherhood and you tried your best to make peace

  4. i agree completely! i completely understand the sentiment but it does reflect the reality that official authorities really only have a limited amount of power and are bound by international laws/treaties to do their jobs. if the us govt starts assassinating the powerful ppl in gilead it doesn’t rlly bode well since it’s established in the story that gilead is way more armed and organized while the us govt has basically been reduced to nothing; unfortunately when your opponent is that well armed and organized you gotta tread very carefully to avoid more bloodshed

  5. I'm also a survivor (of sexual assault by a religious leader) and I am definitely 100% happier that I'm alive and not murdered. It was horrible but fuck I'm so glad to be here and living the life I have now.

  6. i’m sorry that happened to you. you deserve to heal and find peace, and i hope you do at some point in your life

  7. imma have to disagree here lol. nuclear weapons has cost a lot of ppl their lives and health while other things have saved more lives like antibiotics, water treatment, vaccines, obstetric medicine, etc

  8. personally she absolutely is responsible but legally it’s a very big deal he was her boss. even if it’s all consensual it’s his job as her boss to turn her down

  9. i think part of it too is that so much of the try guys fanbase is made up of young women, and so many young women have experienced hurt/betrayal at the hands of men in their lifetime. i've been a fan of the try guys since their first video and i think one of the big reasons its sticking w me to this capacity is that a man we thought was safe not only cheated on his wife, but also cheated on his wife with one of his employees. its just disappointing when someone you really admired is not just shitty to his wife, but abuses his power like this.

  10. People cheat all the time, it doesn’t mean Alex should lose her career over this. Or Ned. Assuming it’s real and not just Alex cheating and Will jumping to wild conclusions.

  11. because a boss dating an employee is super duper sketchy business-wise. it could tank their brand, make them lose sponsorships, etc. in general that kind of relationship, even consensual, involves a pretty significant abuse of power from the employer's part. it leaves a really bad stain on the company to have someone in a leadership position who is even alleged to have abused their power in this way. if it was some other person, then it would be solved completely internally. but since alex is a second try employee and ned is her boss, it is a very big deal.

  12. Yeahh, with the way things are spiraling, if it's true that Ned and Alex had any sort of relations, Alex has a lot of grounds to pursue a case with her own legal team. She could say that she felt pressured because he's her boss, etc. etc. Sooo many things that need to be sorted out, and just the very rumor of it is probably gonna have to be sorted out by a legal team even if it ends up not being true.

  13. EXACTLY. as much as (if this is all true) both are at fault, there is a very clear power dynamic here. sleeping w an employee is a huge no no. even allegations of that can cause major damage to a company.

  14. It feels weird to me because it's a very dramatic reaction to just cheating? I get that they're a more family friendly channel, and Ned in particular is the like 'family' guy, but it still seems quite a severe reaction to a simple cheating scandal. Has he stepped down from Try Guys altogether and so they can't use his image anymore, or is there something more insidious than just cheating? It feels so strange, especially since they're not addressing anything, just making Ned disappear.

  15. if all of this is true, it’s absolutely bc an owner of the company was romantically/sexually involved w a subordinate. even when these ppl aren’t public figures w substantial followings, this is a HUGE problem from a business perspective. it leaves a massive stain on their company which will affect their ability to form partnerships and get sponsorships bc sleeping w a subordinate is a MASSIVE violation of business ethics. this could open the company up to a bunch of lawsuits too for corruption, bad practices, etc. as devastating as it could be for the group personally, it is a huge deal bc of the power imbalance between a boss and employee. super duper shady. i’m hoping we’re j jumping to conclusions….

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