1. Won’t be easy but I will take Jack. His smooth boxing may be the answer. Feels like every fight he spends 30-45 seconds checking range and then the smooth 1-2’s just start flying.

  2. Nick taking someone’s back in a school photo just feels right.

  3. Nice to see he didn’t try to follow the TJ plan and just get in the ring anyway - that way his surgery would have been covered at least.

  4. I think the other important factor is that things add up. $2 coffee. You may think “its only $2!” however x 30 that’s $60 a month - make at home at .63 cents a day = $41 a month in savings

  5. I switched to tea. Box of 300 for about $15. I know it’s not coffee but a $0.05 teabag makes me 3 cups.

  6. Keep my wife’s DM’s outta your… oh never mind.

  7. That one punch in the second was definitely a big shot though. I’ll have to rewatch it because I had Choi winning all 3 but for some reason I thought the first round was more of a tossup, not the second

  8. I thought the first was the only one in question. Once the point was taken I figured draw.

  9. Grohe kitchen faucet user here. We did the kitchen around 8 years ago. Just replaced the cartridge - heads up that many Grohe faucets have a unique setup that required my buying their cartridge wrench. No standard cartridge wrench would fit - the space around the cartridge was too small for typical wrenches.

  10. I enjoy my aged Focus 110A’s. Have been curious about the developments in these digital versions, nice read.

  11. It won’t be like going back, but I find that sourcing local authentic restaurants can help a lot. The ability to taste what that place was like helps me deal with being home again.

  12. Think it is very good. Not personally convinced it is nearly 2x as good as Msiku Star Struck. I bought the Msiku on a good sale and would again.

  13. Just rub one out before you go in there. Disarm yourself.

  14. The weapon has been discharged in the DMZ. The mission is safe to complete.

  15. It’s a tasty one. But for the $ I prefer the Vicious Citrus. Neither are good value but both are good tasting drinks.

  16. B Banner by Prairie Grass is my fav. Have not seen a fresh drop of their flower in a while.

  17. Might consider calling Radioactive in Burlington. Walkers line QEW area.

  18. Lived there in the mid 90’s. Miss that ride out to Ilan starting out Roosevelt Road. Great experiences there.

  19. This is accurate. A house built 20 years ago that still has the original roof, original furnace, original hot water tank, etc., is going to need a lot of replacements soon. Nothing wrong with that, as long as you're ready for it.

  20. Can confirm. Bought ‘96 build in ‘03. Have done roof, AC, furnace. Those are the essentials.

  21. I never owned anything near this cool. But when I owned a classic T Bird and there was a wedding at a house nearby a younger person of similar age came over to my garage and asked about the car. His dad came over with him and I let him sit in it etc. That kid was so happy to sit in a 60’s car.

  22. I got a 2023 SR5 in December. Told the dealer please don’t put your dealer plate frame on unless you’re going to pay me 50$ a month for advertising. When they turned the keys over to me it had a dealership plate frame and they put a dealership sticker on the lower left corner of the tailgate. Peeled off the sticker in front of them, pulled out my leatherman and removed the plate frame and handed it back to the salesman. He looked at me all confused. I said seriously though if you want me to advertise for you I’m sure we can work something out. He just shrugged it off.

  23. When I bought a used car once they put on their dealer plate frame as I stood there asking them not to. So I waited till they were done and immediately pulled the plates and binned the frames. They laughed and said “we have to do it”.

  24. I run a DAC direct into powered speakers. I’m a digital only user as well.

  25. Ok so with powered speakers there's no amplifier required because they draw their own power?

  26. The comments below are correct and I should have said active. Basically each speaker has 2 amps built in (one for woofer, one for tweeter plus an active crossover to deliver the right frequencies to the right driver). Power switch and rca and xlr inputs on my older Dynaudio active speakers.

  27. He speaks with such confidence you cant help but to think its possible. He is not some cocky come up fighter, he is a battle tested fighter by now and he knows the game. Im fucking hyped, no matter how little Uncle Dana promotes this fight

  28. I love his balance between confidence and being clear he respects what Islam is and can do. It’s awesome.

  29. The wheel kinda make it look a little Mach-e GT for me.

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