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  1. But it is not infinite, and teleport counters exist.

  2. Plus I don't see any use for it other than easily counterable skycamping or just running.

  3. Exactly, if they they kill you without using dragon, they could run off using it

  4. How old is he? If he broke it he should get a job to replace it (or if he’s too young maybe he can help your parents with yard work and then your parents can replace it). Although it’s really kind of you and your parents to not hurt his mom financially.

  5. Let’s go on the assumption he’s between 8-15. See if your parents are open to having him spend a Saturday afternoon doing work around house he could rake leaves, help prep the house for winter, maybe some light housework in exchange they will replace the controller and his mom won’t be on the hook (she’ll probably happily have her kid learn a valuable lesson). If he’s younger than that you may face more of a problem. Just be prepared to offer to help too if you were careless with your controller.

  6. Short answer: Don't. Once you reach S rank you can max them all out anyway

  7. And if you have enough points from a mentor you can max them all at V1 too

  8. No, you can just max everything out at S. You unlock mentors at S, so if you reach S1 you don't need to rank up any more. Anything after is optional.

  9. i do suck at this game, so you are pretty much right

  10. Time stop is decent for combos along with genjutsu and anything that stuns or slows movement but does constant damage

  11. And plus without bloodline bag you can save one moveset

  12. Any aoe, high dmg move works but dungeons have been buffed a sh ton while the drop rate is still 1/lifetime so don't do dungeons my brother

  13. Lol dio 3rd? If we speak about dio senko its not aoe its medium field range, use alpharama shyzen 2nd? For big range 😭🤣

  14. I use Raion Azure, Dio Azure, Inferno, and Bankai Akuma for PvP

  15. It was someone else nvm but emerald 2nd and earth 6th are in my tailed beast grind stuff

  16. I tried using shado C spec apollo sand 3rd emerald 2nd and earth 6th all at the same time, i was only able to sucessfully do it once cause it's 4 moves, but it did like 5/6 of 6 tails gen 3

  17. I usually use Apollo Sand 3rd at the beginning and Shado C Spec Earth 6th and Emerald 2nd when it goes down, I also use Candy Cane Blade and Winter Avalanche

  18. It depends, Bankai and Riser are best for PvP and Shindai Akuma is good for Tailed Beast grinding

  19. My Z is Raion Azure but I'm trying to max out the mode, normally I'd use Sparky

  20. No clan, No Kekkai Genkai, No Bijuu but still the most badass character in the series

  21. In heat, needs to get fixed, keep her away from boy cats that aren't fixed.

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