Any idea on these peppers? Neighbor brought over, has no idea. Not very spicy. Banana for scale. Need I.D. for food recipe.

*Lowers face into palm*

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  1. Happy birthday!! 🎉🥳🎉

  2. That was the year of my 18th birthday, but people thought I was over 30 back then 🤷‍♂️

  3. Ngl whoever puts you on your meds better has a good explanation for it. There is plenty of variety in terms of what certain meds do for you and I'd demand everything to be explained to you. Also helps you judge whether or not you're actually getting the desired benefits.

  4. I’ll only take meds if need be.

  5. A good doc wouldn't decide upon meds without discourse with his patient anyway. Glad to hear though that you are in good hands.

  6. The test is indeed only part of it. The whole assessment will be from 10 am till 7 pm so it will be a big endeavor and the psychologists want to video call with my parents and other family members to discuss my childhood. It sounds quite thorough, which it should be imho.

  7. I know I have an occupational endeavor that most people would call “not a real job” but still.

  8. Don’t really know if they’re the same that I use regularly to make a mild Sambal.

  9. I lost consciousness after hitting my shoulder on a doorpost, presumably due to the pain. That shoulder had been dislocated for over 72 hours and had been set only a day before.

  10. oh wow.. I can't imagine the pain it must have been for you on the shoulder, I've luckily never had to suffer a dislocated shoulder but it looks painful

  11. Myeah. I’m hypermobile due to having hEDS. So my shoulder dislocates approximately 5 to 10 times a day, but I can usually put it back myself, or my SO can put it back. If she nor I can put it back it’s up the ER to put it back.

  12. Same here. Vooral omdat een hoop “vaste” lasten die wij hebben inkomensafhankelijk zijn. Gooi daar alle inflatie bij, hoge zorgkosten die niet vergoed worden, terugbetalen toeslagen vanwege een fout van de belastingdienst, dan wordt het heeeeel krap.

  13. No need to call me out like that :(

  14. Nope. I’d hug anyone HUGS

  15. I do like cheese on bread or toast.

  16. Yep. Sometimes both on the same day. I’ll wake up and my body feels like it’s rusted stiff and my brain bounces around the house.

  17. The biggest thing that makes me say “I dislike NL” or “I dislike the government/municipality” is that as a citizen with disabilities I first have to be dying so to speak before I can get the help/aids I need.

  18. I feel you. I feel you so much. During my wait, I have been doing things like resting, mindfulness, meditation, grounding, journaling, research, coloring, trauma-informed yoga/movement exercises. I also went gluten free, see an acupuncturist, take herbs to help liver, and wear light sensitive glasses.

  19. We have been trying to identify my triggers, my SO and I, and resting (i.e. doing absolutely nothing) is a BIG trigger. So we’ll try to rest watching TV or doing something else “brainless” to do.

  20. Everyone has such different symptoms. What works for someone doesn’t always work for someone else. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Keep your mental game as strong as you can. If staying busy helps, then do that! ❤️

  21. My mind going haywire while doing nothing and therfore triggering symptoms is probably an effect of me possibly having undiagnosed ADHD. So I’m up for an assessment in October. (Big waiting lists everywhere atm)

  22. Always. I can’t never do absolutely nothing, but never be able to do the things I was supposed to do 🤷‍♂️

  23. I know this post is older but I read that you were having allergy symptoms plus EDS and I had to comment. MCAS is a severe allergy disorder that is so commonly comorbid with EDS and POTS that the three diagnoses are called the trifecta. Please get checked out for MCAS. It's a diagnosis that very few doctors understand but the severe risk of anaphylaxis is really important to get under control as much as possible. The heightened blood pressure and heart rate may be due to POTS. Definitely read up on the symptoms for it and see if that fits.

  24. Hi! No worries. I don’t mind your “late” response ;)

  25. MCAS can develop at any time and can be better one day and worse the next for seemingly no reason. Stress makes MCAS worse so the stress from FND could absolutely worsen it.

  26. Will keep that in mind. Thanks!

  27. Used to. Haven’t done it since I had pychosomatic paralysis.

  28. I’m great at knowing what people would like. As in gifts for example. Usually people get generic gift cards or a bottle of shampoo for their birthday, and then they’ll get something from me that’ll make their eyes sparkle :)

  29. That was the original idea, but wifey shyed off after 30 minutes because she got bored.

  30. Maybe I’m “lucky” that my SO can hyperfix as much as me? Although she has an internal clock that actually works the majority of the time 🤷‍♂️

  31. Yep. Unfortunately. I know it will be my demise. It already has.

  32. I voted Inattentive Type, because that’s the suspected diagnosis. But I’m up for diagnosis in October so who knows.

  33. Imagine you're sitting in a room. You're surrounded by speakers that blast random music at full volume, and that randomly change between songs.

  34. That’s similar to how I describe how it is inside my head. 🙄

  35. Same. Especially official stuff. I always exclaim that I prefer text or e-mail, but they always end up calling me 🙄 or force me to call them to get official stuff settled.

  36. I don’t know, it was a random video on Tik Tok I saw but I agree I like his attitude 👍🏻

  37. https://youtube.com/shorts/NU4kcJztSCI?feature=share

  38. I had a mix between the first one and the third one. My parents had a bit of a scare because I am suspected of ADHD also, but that turns out to be a family trait as well so 🤷‍♂️

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