BMW driver using their turn signal.

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  1. I worked in a store that had way more fitting rooms than needed, so half of them were closed off. For whatever reason people were sneaking into one of them to piss on the floor. It got so bad that the carpeting would squish with pee when you walked in.

  2. Looks sick! How exactly did you fix the issue with lighting that you had?

  3. I found a sweet spot in the lightmap scales that keeps the gradient but gets rid of the black splotches

  4. Build and post but all for nothing because no reflective materials.

  5. I just wanna see the reflection in the scope of the crossbow

  6. Have you tried playing around with the light grid value? (Raising it may help)

  7. Raising it gets rid of the spots, but it loses the gradient of light.

  8. I remember when customers would get mad at me because their card got declined. Girl your bank declined the transaction, not me. It’s not my fault your money ain’t good.

  9. Are they a good idea? Yes. Do people on Long Island know how to fucking drive? No.

  10. The giant skybox is causing that. You’ve sectioned off the two areas with a skybox texture, and nothing is meant to be rendered behind that as it would be well above the player or beyond the player bounds. It’s acting like a wall so the engine is cutting visibility lines between the two rooms for performance.

  11. This. The engine doesn’t realize the skybox divider is transparent, so it’s only rendering the areas you’d see through the doorway.

  12. Chevy Cobalt owner here, I can confirm this is right on the money.

  13. 🤣junkie cat!! My guy jumped on the fridge last week because I guess he could smell the fresh catnip I got and left up there…we’ve had him nearly 12 years and he had never jumped on the fridge before. It makes them crazy!

  14. It brings out their inner devil, but we let it happen because they’re so cute

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