1. You sound like you need a hug. It’ll be alright

  2. It’s percentage not mg. So there’s 13 mg of myrcene,7.5mg pinene, etc

  3. You want to go to the website vgoodiez and you want to order a B0 bundle. Then find yourself a bong.

  4. I got a half of this recently and went back for another. The smell and effects on the batch I got are incredible. Loving it

  5. Anything with Zkittles in it works really well for me.

  6. Everyone price matches. Tell them to price match mymedicinellc for $69

  7. How does queens compare to the kings mustache in your opinion?

  8. Where’s the science to back this up? Or is this just your opinion?

  9. It’s federally illegal . There’s a pretty mediocre amount of research on medical marijuana.

  10. I agree. I find them to be the most consistent in terms of quality and medical relief. I get exactly what I’m expecting every time.

  11. Yeah looks like it was mislabeled. That’s 48mg for the whole package not 110. Should have been labeled at most as a 50mg.

  12. You are looking at the net weight of 48g not the THC content.

  13. This one’s a real staple in my rotation . Knocks me out every time .

  14. This is what I say about everything I don’t like from them. Half of their stuff tastes like dirt to me. They are a gamble unless you get concentrates. Carts,pods, flower all taste like dirt to me . I’ve tried 6 or so strains.

  15. Cool thanks, so if you bought something that was labeled an indica to help you sleep, something you’ve bought before countless times over two years, and it did the exact opposite, you’d be fine with that?

  16. Honestly. I would be bummed if it was that heavy hitting and indica feeling.

  17. I was partly also reaching out to others who have tried to see if they’ve had similar experience with it. I, like others, use this sub to support and educate one another on different strains, products, brands, etc. I didn’t mean to come off completely complaining, just frustrated. After using luster pods for over a year and a half, and never trying a 510, I just got the uni pro this week and wanted to try my favorite strains at lower voltages, to see if they last longer, etc.

  18. Heck yeah man. Totally understand. The uni pro is great .

  19. Last time I had it I genuinely enjoyed it. Hated face on fire and both were pretty dry. Would get the citrus crush again though.

  20. Biggest piece of advice I can give you. With purchasing from any dispensary in Michigan. CHECK HARVEST AND EXPIRATION DATES.

  21. Looks average to me. Not everything has to test with high numbers to have great results . Terp and thc percentages are not 1:1 with results.

  22. Mighty for grilling/adventures. Splinter v2 or Mi3 for more power/fun/full extraction sessions.

  23. I like doing this to make the dose larger lol. Also, it seems to restrict the air flow a little bit witch I like. Thanks for posting. This was a great idea.

  24. This looks interesting. I'll have to try it. I've always found I can vape small amounts in my flowerpot, it sometimes just meant raising the temps and/or slowing draw speed. Do you find much of an improvement with this setup?

  25. I find it to work really well. I’m using a b0 with it so it helps to have the screen and material a tad lower for my personal liking. Can’t say how it performs with the flowerpot, b1 or b2

  26. For me personally it’s triple chocolate chip. Knocks me out every time. But everyone is different and I can’t promise it will do the same for you.

  27. Got a Triple Chocolate Chip live resin luster pod yesterday. Did the trick for sure after a half hour or so! Thanks again for the insight!

  28. Hell yeah! Glad to help. TCC is great medicine.

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