1. What was worse? The spot or the play call?

  2. Same, once you’re used to 60fps it’s over

  3. The whole stars program only exists to get people to buy games in the psn stores. Corporations aren’t your friend, its not designed to reward you, but to make you spend more money

  4. Seems like a pretty good reward for people who only buy games digitally. Which seems to be most gamers nowadays.

  5. It’s just bad optimization. It’s definitely possible if it’s wanted.

  6. It's not possible on the quality settings games like Elden Ring and Plague Tale Requiem run at. The only way it would be possible is if they changed the environments of the game to be less CPU intensive, with fewer/lower quality objects, fewer animations, lower draw distances, and so on. But that would obviously come at the cost of visual quality.

  7. then you can only play the ps4 version, but also on ps5.

  8. is the upgrade already available?

  9. I think but I don’t know. I don’t have the game

  10. Whys this downvoted? It’s 100% true

  11. Google “ps5 safe Mode” and go from there

  12. There never is nowadays because people can have digital-only consoles so they wouldn’t be able to use a disc.

  13. Have you tried without performance mode on? I haven’t experienced any stutters on quality

  14. It’s 30fps, so basically a stuttery mess by default.

  15. There’s no way this doesn’t win. I guess Zelda could but seriously, a remake of one of the best and last beloved games of all time?

  16. There’s no way this does win. It won’t even be in the Top 3. Stop being a fanboy and look at it neutrally

  17. Nope other people but I can add an extra downvote if you wish but that was another cringe nonce response

  18. Damn, pissing away 60 bucks which could’ve been easily avoided really got to you huh?

  19. doenst make you any less of a dumbass who ignores red flags about games that you’re personally overhyping. They’re all just haters anyways right?

  20. Mediocre is a 5/6. 7 is good, 7.5 and above is very good, an 8 is great

  21. Not how it works in reality, as no outlet uses a full 10 point scale

  22. Sure but the word means “of moderate quality” or “not very good” while a 76 is over three quarters of the way to 100. What is good? For film and music a 76 is considered great, almost amazing. Games? Suddenly it’s gutter trash? Makes zero sense.

  23. Of course it doesnt make sense but that’s how it is. Movies are a completely different industry with completely different outlets rating them.

  24. Has “sale” written all over it

  25. y’all put way too much value into these reviews. make up your own minds

  26. Most people don’t want to spend 70/80 to just come up with “hm they’re right, it’s quite boring”

  27. Heard it also from another outlet that turning is super slow and it’s very frustrating in combat as it takes forever to turn around and face enemies behind you

  28. No, it’s just slow. Platform has nothing to do with it

  29. One would have to have something to offer to live "rent free" in a mind. Xbox does not. It has no exclusives to speak of, none on the horizon, piss poor UI and a cheap feeling controller. One can point out the superiority of its competitors without it living "rent free" in their heads. Get better terminology btw, makes you sound simple.

  30. Damn you’re really doubling down

  31. If you can still separate the art from the artist at this point you may have some self reflecting to do.

  32. What a childish thing to say. There’s nothing wrong with liking music you always liked. Doesn’t mean you like the person behind the music. It being a nice person or a cunt like Kanye doesn’t change that

  33. You realize your streams give him money right? I can see if you listen and you aren't contributing to his pocket book at all but at this point the people that are streaming his music are padding the pockets of a Nazi.

  34. Which is why it’s perfectly fine if someone decides that they don’t want to stream the music anymore. I never said anything else.

  35. Human rights shouldn't really be considered politics, it's basic human fucking decency

  36. So everyone needs to stop working/fighting for human rights and a better world because there is some backwards and bigoted law?

  37. I never even said that jfc, what’s wrong with you all. I never said “respect the laws” or something like that. Of course it’s completely crazy that this shit happens nowadays ffs.

  38. Every ref this tournament has been shit, no reason to blame it on women

  39. Because early copies get sent to dozens of people since forever

  40. Goddamn exclusives, keeping all of the best games locked down to only one platform...

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