1. This one has to be the most annoying politician after Trump, people love falling for her act

  2. "this would be better if it was made better"

  3. Because they have tons of walls at Walloton Hall

  4. "Pastor" because "kid diddler" is too on the nose

  5. That last reply feels like a shitpost

  6. Good lol such a garbage channel from an egotistical douchebag, Linus deserves it

  7. This actually looks so dope, idk why people are so mad about this lol

  8. I generated it using my computer and different models, prompts, Loras, Hypernetworks and Textual Inversions.

  9. Butt hurt people really out here fighting over semantics with you lol ignore them

  10. We have IT cells doing the deeds for the government(read BJP) to help their PR department. This guy is obviously a part of that.

  11. Anything you don't agree with is written by IT cells controlled by the BJP lmao and you call conversvatives conspiracy theorists

  12. Westerners think any food that doesn't fit their view is stupid

  13. That's NY post saying that though, a left biased website

  14. Really? Because most of their articles and tweets always shit on conservatives while wilfully ignoring the mistakes of the left

  15. TIL: Supreme Court is run by a bunch of children who need a summer vacation.

  16. Are you living in Ohio by any chance?

  17. I never really understood why dudes be posting stuff like this.

  18. It's clearly posted for the sake of being ironic, I never really understood why people don't get that

  19. Killing 7 people because you lost at a game of pool is some real pussy shit right there.

  20. People out here really naive enough to think this was not pre-rehearsed and prepared lol

  21. You really sound like someone who completely missed the point of what was said.

  22. Like I said, the steps aren't nearly as narrow or as steep as the video makes it seem and it's quite safe to pass people. By your logic we shouldn't be passing cars on the highway just because it's a "dick move"

  23. I'm one of the locals who makes this trek regularly

  24. I think I played this quest in Deus Ex Human Revolution

  25. The law suit wouldn't go through, bc It gives a disclaimer.

  26. Should go through for false advertising

  27. OP just jealous he's not good at sports

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