1. I want to be excited but I would be happier if they fixed some bugs and crash issues in the main game.

  2. I second the Mora Robust. You will wear your arm out before a Robust fails you. And at the price you can buy several.

  3. Jokes aside, don't over heat it. I killed the enamel in on a while back and there's no fixing it that I'm aware of. I guess sand blasting it off but I don't own a blasting cabinet...

  4. I've never measured a case mouth in the first place. It seems pretty easy to feel if when seating a bullet if anything is off.

  5. Mine wouldn't feed with any reliability unless it was round nose ball ammo. No flat nose and no HP.

  6. I've had my lcp 2 for a few years now and it's fed all hollow point ammo without any hiccups, all range ammo also has worked flawlessly.

  7. You've never slugged a Glock barrel and noticed they're more like .360"?

  8. Beretta barrels as well. And some Rugers. Jacketed ran fine, properly sized lead worked, but plated usually had at best mediocre accuracy.

  9. I remember feeling really burned out buying the Jaguar and then 3D0… I took a bit of a break but got back into gaming after a few years.

  10. I'm a little envious. I've had a few of these over the years and never had one look that good. One had the screen off center enough to be annoying.

  11. Hodgdon’s website has some load data for 160gr in 9mm. Min-Max for Tightgroup is only 2.1-2.6gr. Narrow window but apparently a doable load.

  12. I’ve used this data a while back just to see what they were like as a different loading. About the same as a regular 147gr load. I figured it was for the subsonic crowd to use a longer barrel and for absolute sure stay slow.

  13. Having owned a few duracoated firearms I would go with having someone ceracoat it. Dura stuff is thicker enough epoxy coating and while it’s great stuff I find cera to be thinner and just as reliable of a coating. Dura partially fills in any stamping or engraving and just looks bad while cera is so thin you don’t see the filling anywhere.

  14. You say rubbed off the excess but the picture says otherwise. Only a thin film at a time then bake at 400 freedom degrees.

  15. Same think I said above, thanks! My newbie eyes aren’t properly seasoned so I didn’t realized u wasn’t taking off enough oil. What do you suggest now should I just cook on these?

  16. I wouldn't risk any of that coming off in my food so I would strip it and redo it for sure.

  17. I've never even thought of that. But I also wonder if the vibration would bother the snake???

  18. I just got a Manix 2 today and I could not be happier. Best knife I've bought in that price range in a while now.

  19. My guess is that model has a good old comb filter working at maximum power.

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