Trans man discusses how once he transitioned he came to realize just how affection-starved men truly are.

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  1. Start using numbing cream when you give him hand jobs Then when he is back down to 15 seconds jerk him off with less and less actual stimulation. Then after months of this. Stop using the numbing cream. He won't be able to hand much of any stimulating after that.

  2. I have to say I started watching this anime based on this post and I'm finding it pretty underwhelming thus far.

  3. thats a shame. i think i know where you're coming from though.

  4. Resubmitting because formatting is hard on mobile:

  5. oh wow! excellent plenty of title ive neve rheard of before il be sure to check em out.

  6. Generally in business roadmaps are just projections & plans might need to be tweaked & certain steps reprioritized in order to do what’s best for the project.

  7. You know how you have to add tokens to exchanges manually with a contract if you want to swap? When they’re listed to exchanges that’s no longer a necessary step.

  8. lol i think that makes sense. thank you very much

  9. So for models/findommes who make accounts on our content platform, they'll earn passive income literally every time our token is traded. That's never been done before. So every time a sub buys more TRIBUTE or sends TRIBUTE.... he's actually paying thousands of sex workers at once.

  10. So for example, dommes/SWs will have incentive to use the DApp & hold some of the token to collect passive income.

  11. oh perfect i think i have a better idea about how itl work. sounds like itl be very interesting i look forward to the future of tribute sounds really awsome.

  12. That's crazy I'd consider it a privilege to see such a post grace my feed

  13. I LOVE this idea. I think as long as they’re games & not actually gambling, (no monetary prizes for customers) there will be no red tape as far as laws go.

  14. The functionality for this sort of thing could probably even carryover for retweet games as well

  15. Hi there. This subject has been very popular in the past. Please use reddit search and/or check the

  16. how very unfortunate, i guess thats my mistake i should have looked a little closer. maybe im just missing something but which FAQ post answers my question exactly?

  17. That depends on what is preventing you from forming your reading habit. You can check the general "How to get into reading" under 1. Or "Advice for someone who never finishes a book?" under 6. Or even "What are your quirky reading habits?" under 3.

  18. i see, well i appreciate the help but i was mostly just curious about when people like to read like i said. i have no interest in any of those other things.

  19. For a second there I wasn't sure if this was real

  20. Yeah lol maybe they're a little dull. It's nice to see some people who share an appreciation for stories. Iguess it's not so uncommon. But sometimes I think maybe I'm the crazy one lol.

  21. Stories are great. You could probably ask if they only watch documentaries since other movies and shows don't tell you anything about life. Or only listen to speeches or something since music is pointless and teaches you nothing about life. I love film and music by the way.

  22. its funny that you say that. i actually made that argument to my brother and for a minute there he thought about cutting movies off as well.

  23. yeah i dunno i wasnt really trying to start some kind of movement. i was just kinda putting my opinion out there.

  24. yeah! that would be so fun i literally only play cod for zombies cooping with some pals is just a good time i just wish i could browse all the maps in one game

  25. i have no frame of reference so i dont know if this is accurate

  26. can you blame them though? i dont have any first hand experience but from what i hear that place is a mess.

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