1. CP3 would've been ejected and suspended honestly.

  2. Woops didn’t see that, the 15 percent off code that stacks put it at a $20 for two with shipping.

  3. Free shipping if you pick it up at the nearest J Crew

  4. It goes to the business lol, of which you now own only 60% of.

  5. Right. I'm trying to explain to this guy, that if I'm investing he is not putting the money in his personal pocket. Thats not how any of this works.

  6. My dad had a giant check from an insurance policy he never claimed ! 25k was lit to recieve

  7. It really depends on how similar you want it to be - how detailed, how realistic, how much customization.

  8. I thought there would be a library that allows me to upload segmented pictures of brim and crown. Then user can select a color and it would change the brim or crown to the color user selected.

  9. Ahh. This is how my fucking reimagined 3s got jacked by FedEx.

  10. I would love to discuss business with you.

  11. Hi! I think this is amazing! I'm relaunching my apparel brand, Misery & Company, which are all handmade products (hand drawn designs, embroidery & screenprinting, custom tufted rugs, lots of accessories) . Hats will definitely always be in demand for my market, so I would love to learn more. :)

  12. How much? I hate to say this but once u sit on the 200 sections. Kinda hard to go back lol

  13. i usually roadtrip to phx for home games in the playoffs but i didnt have the time off work this year. last year i went to pelicans series game 2 when book scored 31 in the firsthalf before injuring himself.

  14. Damn. Really want to go to the talking stick arena.

  15. I took the workshop and I signed up for 6 month’s program.

  16. Would you rather fuck a goat & no one knows it happened or everyone thinks you fucked a goat but you didn’t actually fuck it?

  17. I won but I didnt get an email. is this after u fill out the form?

  18. Yes. I contacted the email they gave you for additional questions, and I did so because my Twitter account was locked after I did something to it. But they replied to my email saying how they were looking into my form to see if I was eligible. It only took a couple of hours and then they sent me the email I showed :)

  19. I'm in the state, and I filled it out yesterday afternoon. So finger crossed. Lowkey paranoid, I filled it out wrong haha

  20. We legitimately aren’t scared of the warriors, I’m just afraid their fans are gonna take over our arena

  21. Bro. The Kings got a lot of super fans. Plus 16 year’s playoffs drought.

  22. I did the promotion that was going on last month that discounted priority and came with the slab case included

  23. Yep. I’m not good at this stuff nor do I like it, but I’m also not good at anything else either. Feels like I’m being held hostage but that’s life.

  24. Idk how u pass the CPA without liking this stuff. I studied for several months and decided its not for me lol

  25. I got a Boa on the left. How do you get black label?

  26. If you go to you can see what deck builds have recently done really well in tournaments. From there you can get an idea of how to build certain leaders and then you can play around with card ratios and such to your liking

  27. I think we should shoot technical FT after the regulation. lol

  28. to whoever took more than 2 copies I hope you get impaled

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