AITA for using my daughter's full first name?

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  1. I love you, honey. You are never too old to hear the words, and I never tire of telling you. You are loved.

  2. Hol’ up, this is the first I’m hearing of this dude being a sex offender. When did this news come out?

  3. The podcast Some Place Under Neith did an episode on Blood on the Dancefloor's pedos. Wasn't he in the band as well?

  4. No, you’re thinking of Dahvie Vanity, who is a chronic pedophile predator who needs to be in prison, or sent to the firing squad preferably. He’s evil.

  5. Yeah, that douchecanoe Vanity led the band, but didn't Starr work on the Warped Tour with him? They did music together. Just like Vanity after all.

  6. ❤❤❤❤❤❤! You both look marvelous!

  7. Sooooo, what were the chants? Other than "Queremos Cerveza!" Nothing in the article.

  8. NTA. It's ridiculous that they won't let you BRING something for you to eat. And that your partner is ok with that.

  9. Why did everybody say they were realtors or real estate adjacent, then on the show..."I'm a flight attendant!" Or "I'm a school psychologist!" WYELF?

  10. Absolutely. What an artificial and bullshit thing to stick to.

  11. Huge hugs for you, sweetie. You are amazing, and working so hard, the rest if us moms see it. I'm so proud of your achievements and see how special you truly are.

  12. So, he paid for undergrad in an expensive school for his son, instead of telling him to go to a cheaper school. And told his daughter to go to a cheaper school. I mean really...fuck this guy. YTA

  13. Shooooooz! Lovely! They complete the outfit!

  14. I like the length of the shorter cardigan, but in a bolder color. The short one lengthens your figure, great with the long boots and short skirt!

  15. "Lo que te pasa por puto, perro conchatumadre!" Parece peruana. 🤣

  16. As a mom of a child with an eating disorder (ED), the day my kiddo regained her hunger was miraculous and joyous. I am so elated you got your hunger back. Listen to your body now. Feed it good things and enjoy what makes you happy and full. Sending you huge hugs!

  17. So he traveled over ice on the ocean right? That's what this map makes it look like. The OG had me confused thinking he swam that distance.

  18. Screw her. Her poor baby deserved so much better, and she deserves to rot in hell.

  19. Honor her choice. She has asked you and made her preference known. YTA when you egate your child's choice. Keep pushing and you may find she'll change her name legally when she has the opportunity.

  20. I'd love to see that outfit with a pair of knee high boots! Very 60's! Very Emma Peel!

  21. Jereme is a load of bollocks. A "demonologist" who doesn't seem to know his ass from his elbow. Pure histrionics. That segment bothered me the most. Love how after all the biblical quotes, he screams "Goddamn it!" SMH

  22. I agree why would they do the parting shot and they really did nothing on the 28th day

  23. Exactly. If the 28 day cycle was important, say to send the spirits on their way, etc., that should have been the most important. Because really, the longer you stay at a haunted place the more experiences you will have. And the arguing, friction between the team members, if you lock anybody in a home for 4 weeks w/o reprieve, you get friction. We ALL experienced some of this during quarantine.

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