1. Looks better than me ! How many amps are you running 7018 at if you don’t mind me asking

  2. 90 amps 7018, just using the chart, 70 for the 6011 and 6013 forgot to turn it up to 90 for the 6013 but seemed okay, I’ll try again on 90 and see if I can tell a difference. Lincoln ac225.

  3. Mine gets front and back have to add about 10” of length to my stuff then cut it off.

  4. Accor valves. they stink man. turn the water off and slowly pull while turning the valve counterclockwise it’ll pop off. then replace !

  5. Then I’ll be able to thread a normal valve, on with tape of course?

  6. Taking a shower and helping my wife in the kitchen.

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