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  1. I can’t go because the Pope gave me syphilis.

  2. Yeah it's tiny (area-wise) compared to most cities.

  3. Just like there isn't a Royal Straight. A royal flush shouldn't be a hand on its own. It's a straight flush ace high.

  4. Yeah I never understood that. It's like making a royal straight it's own hand.

  5. Oops turns out November doesn't have 31 days so don't make any big plans for that day.

  6. Gotta love that rebound at the end of the green line. Never give up, champ!

  7. Just noticed my color choice happens to be spot on.

  8. Also why did it always feel like we were trick or treating at like midnight? Totally dark out. Now it seems like kids trick or treat at noon.

  9. Twitter is so toxic. Every time I go there I exit feeling like things are just getting worse than ever

  10. So you should be looking forward to the change?

  11. And of course we can't forget about the sweaty locks we have to engage if we don't want someone walking in on us while we are taking a poo.

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