1. When I was a kid in grade 3 my best friend and cousin got really sick and was in hospital for a long while. I wrote a very inappropriate get well card that basically said he should get well or move on while he was still in the hospital. I thought it was funny and insisted he would laugh at it because he and me were always joking about the darkest shit. I had no idea how serious a condition he was in. My mom forced me rewrite it. I was so mad they made me do that and insisted he’d laugh and that noone understood our friendship. When he actually did die I realized I didn’t even think it was actually possible for that to happen the whole time and I’m still embarrassed about the original card in my thirties. Thanks for posting this.

  2. My guild doesn’t fuck with FL at ALL. Like that fight is a huge time suck. We have the vehicles get bugged out and inoperable constantly. So we’re saving it to be our last HM. and For context the only other HMs we haven’t done yet are mimir, yogg and hodir. We’re hoping to add HM mimir and yogg to the pile this week and we’re pretty close.

  3. Why mim and yogg but not hodir out of curiosity?

  4. We accidentally killed him already lol. We got to mimir last night and made serious progress we Just timed out so i think we’ll get it.

  5. I was expecting the game to start with something like "Oh, this is Diagon Alley, grab a wand at Ollivander then Accio two books" or something, but DAMN what an intro.

  6. Honestly a little let down we didn’t get diagon alley.

  7. Well naxx 10 is almost as easy as normal heroics, normal hc gear is not that good anymore, you can buy 200-213 ilvl gear from AH for pennies. Many reasons why normal heroics are not very popular.

  8. Exactly you can boost your gear score more by farming gold for a couple hours then running any version of heroics. 225 gear is being sold on my server for as low as 500g

  9. In raids your usually the only one with sanc so you end up covering everyone with it. For dungeons you have to mess with pally power for all of 30 seconds to make sure everyone has their prefered buffs. So this guy’s either lazy AF or just might not be using PP.

  10. At my work we had a guy climb to the top of a ladder and jump off. He said he fell but there’s a video of the incident and it’s pretty clear he jumped. People love throwing shit on this guy for what he did. But I just can’t. I’ve been there man. He was so desperate to get out of this hell hole he’s fucked his legs and back probably forever. I scold everyone who talks shit about this to me for like 30 minutes.

  11. Honestly my guild just lets ranged dps float wherever they want and we haven’t had trouble with general since week 1. 8 minute kill times. But they’re clean lol.

  12. Honestly as a PUG I kinda hate all these guilds pushing HMs when their missing 6+ dps. They’re too ambitious and its honestly a waste of time. Your gonna have a bunch of different raiders next week. Can yall start pushing for 1 HM a week? Maybe start with iron council for the quest? Then when you have IC down push for more.

  13. Nah fam. IC is first in the raid lol. XT is literally just a dps and heal check and most raids won’t have the gear for that yet. My guild’s cleared IC, thor, freya, general hard modes. But we can’t meet the numbers for XT and hodir yet. We’re still about 20% off on both those checks.

  14. He was actually pretty good in it tho. Like he was at least an interesting villain

  15. I know it’s not in your list but i play a warlock alt and get invited to a new guild every time i pug.

  16. And they downvote you because despite putting in plain english its not about hate, they(downvoters) still want it to be about hate.

  17. Isn’t that a flag for white people who wanted to keep having slaves so they tried to over throw a government?

  18. Yeah I think it has something to do with carbon dioxide or smoke detectors being a legal requirement

  19. But all of mine operate on 9v batteries…

  20. It’s almost like monopolies are a bad thing

  21. This is so fucking stupid. You have to be intolerant of intolerance. Being bigoted to bigotry is a essential. Unfortunately hockey organizations, fans, and teams prove time and time again that they’re willing bystanders. They don’t have the guts to stand up to intolerance in their own organizations.

  22. Aren’t you commenting on post of an organization that took action though?

  23. Yeah they did and good job on them. This person still felt that the hockey arena was a safe place for their bullcrap because it’s widely accepted behavior in hockey until its on screen.

  24. Guilds are so hungry for decent raiders I’d just peace from this one, it probably won’t be the last bit of drama from them. BiS is BiS and everyone wants it.

  25. When Robert is about to be told Jamie is there to intercept the message and kill another king he’s sworn to protect for his family’s sake and the story rolls on like normal. Like I’m 99% Tywin made sure to keep Jamie in the king’s guard for that exact reason to begin with.

  26. Bruh everything is expensive even fucking deodorant is 14$ now

  27. Yeah wtf happened to deodorant? I noticed this last week. It just double/tripled overnight?

  28. I started buying 4 packs of it online so i could get a reasonable price

  29. I feel bad for going to Amazon for so much, but like Jesus christ $4 on Amazon vs $17 in drug stores. Its not even a choice.

  30. Long nails, not like slightly long no the impractically long nails, that and lip filler

  31. I always think they must get poop on those when they wipe.

  32. Damn, that's crazy. That looks like a hard hit but I never would've guessed that would be enough to sink a warship.

  33. There’s actually alot of information available on these types of collisions thanks to our American friends carelessness. The “bulbous bow” of tankers quite often put a very large hole in the warship below their water line. There’s not much a crew can do against a hole that size and in the American ships that have had these types of collisions they also had mess decks below the water line and suffered personnel loses as well.

  34. Well when half the guild dies during general’s execution phase my warlock be parsing

  35. Not sure what your getting at here. My comment doesn’t have anything to do with costs. I’m just saying people have a negative perception of gaming. This wouldn’t be posted to trashy if he was watching a dvd or something.

  36. Why is it trashy? Most births involve a lot of waiting, a birth, then a lot of sleeping.

  37. No judgment from me. But It’s probably the gaming keyboard and mouse. I can’t imagine this going to trashy if my man just brought a regular ass laptop.

  38. im just not going to play this till it costs less.

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