1. Have you ever tried purple cow indicanja? I just bought that like 5 min ago. the reviews said it was apparently like the best

  2. Just harvested some very potent nice tasting 3 leaf G13. Got 3 dry ounces of super dark green bud.

  3. Veg for 8 weeks? And that’s all the size you got? Something ain’t right lol

  4. Yeah, i had the light too low most of the time so I didn’t maximize my growth vs time

  5. Maybe try lowering your scrog since you have a ways to go until it reaches. I would of vegged them a little longer to get them to fill out more.

  6. A lot of og players will disagree. I grew up playing halo, started on Halo 2. Personal, Halo 5 is my favorite Halo. It has the most competitive mp halo thus far. That is my opinion.

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