1. Who abbreviates average “ave”??

  2. My favorite moment is when Homer is about to go to sleep for surgery and as his eyes are closing you hear Dr. Nick say, “ what the hell is that?!?“ I am an anesthesiologist, so that was one of my very favorite lines.

  3. Yoshi-p says that he actively keeps tabs on the trailer warrior of light's age and wants him to age with the players.

  4. We had best dig him a hole then because I am freaking ancient.

  5. Those pronouns are so very helpful. I never would have known!

  6. The fact this shit isn't in currency however many years later is fucken stupid.

  7. They asked Yoshi for this and he basically said please just throw them out.

  8. Instead of making sandwiches with bread, use pop tarts. Instead of chewing gum, chew bacon.

  9. Be right back. Have to put googly eyes on all my tools.

  10. Why? Why must life be so hard? Why must I fail at every attempt at masonry?

  11. At least you can be rezzed now, wasn't always possible. Ah fun times 🐱

  12. Back in myyyyy day, you stayed dead. At the bottom of the pit.

  13. Ironically, Pope Francis only has one lung.

  14. Deep. Penetrating. And smelly.

  15. I'm disrespectful to dirt. Can you see that I am serious?

  16. Get out of my way, all of you. This is no place for loafers. Join me or die. Can you do any less?

  17. He identifies himself as a magnet for foodstuffs. He boasts that he will banish dirt to the land of wind and ghosts.

  18. You did it!!! You are my hero! You deserve all the karma!

  19. Masterful. Way too high effort for this sub. But well done.

  20. Next up … brushing teeth. Followed the next morning by tying shoes aaaand making the bed.

  21. Frinkiac is wrong, because parging is an actual verb that is appropriate for the situation. Parge: to cover something with mortar or cement.

  22. I learned something today. Thank you!

  23. Sorry. How refreshingly Canadian!

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