AITA for asking for a morning off from my baby on the weekends?

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  1. I also ran into this problem. Did you fix yours yet?

  2. No,there were some comments on my post but they appeared to have been deleted before I could read them

  3. Most likely you can swing by a vet by your parents house and ask for a syringe that’s appropriate. Can’t speak on the renal failure, but with such little time left, it’s unlikely you’d see the effects of long-term use.

  4. Closest vet is back where we came from. And it's the weekend tomorrow so they're all closed.

  5. No worries, you can also find syringes on Amazon or Chewy, unless driving is easier.

  6. I drove into town and grabbed it this morning. Also got her a CBD tincture for cats for in the evening when she seems to have more pain

  7. I've heard of it. I wish they would implement it in the US, but I'm sure a lot of people would abuse it

  8. I would like to say no. But I SH in other ways now. Mentally. I don't do it physically. So I guess that's a good day 🙂

  9. I've been in therapy for the majority of the time since I was 11 or 12. I dealt with sexual abuse from the ages of 3-15, emotional neglect, emotional torment from my brother from 3-9/10, he was also physically a terror and tried to kill me on two occasions. My husband was emotionally abusive during dating years and early years of marriage (high school sweethearts). I was raped again when I was 20. I've done EMDR three times (age 8, 19, and 20). I was majorly depersonalized through much of my middle and high school years. Dealt with a stalker in 8th grade. Major bullying through elementary. The numbness was so overwhelming. I also have OCD, ADHD, and Autism. So while I started SHing to deal with all the emotional turmoil, it soon morphed into a way of staying alive and making sure I was still alive, basically. It gave me something to feel, and something to focus on when things were too much. It also became very ritualistic and I was very addicted from 14-16. I'm hopefully getting into a residential place again soon, and I'm gonna look into a specialized therapist who does a certain type of therapy called internal family systems. I tend to end up in a psych ward about once a year, sometimes twice. When I start to dissociate now I stop caring and it turns into looking for something to feel. But if the dissociation is too severe I end up losing my ability to feel pain basically, which is when I end up in the ER for stitches. Or I'll be spiraling and plan it out so I have numbing cream and can get out all the ickiness.

  10. Yeah. It's been a very long road. I went about three years without it once. Then a year. Since then the cycle has been 1-2 times per year. I've never attempted suicide and nowadays I'm only suicidal when I have PMS

  11. Yes and I always score high on ANY multi symptom questionnaire for chronic health problems. I agree. I would feel MORE satisfied if I had real autonomic testing rather than taking my blood pressure while laying down then standing up and taking my blood pressure which has been the extent of my autonomic tests. My doctor said You don't have POTS. I have asked for a referral for TTT but was brushed off. Anyway that has been my experience. As far as signs of dysautonomia I at one time had it so bad I was losing consciousness all the time. Falling all over the place. But not anymore. I also used to get fevers it doesn't seem as pressing as it used to be.

  12. Ask for another TTT referral and an autoimmune panel. If doc refuses, ask them to document in your chart/file that you have requested the test and they refused.

  13. Nice. I've never been hypnotized, but my touchless ones come from reading a good erotica. Unsatisfying, but definitely climaxes.

  14. The reason I ask is I am able to trigger a climax for myself without being touched at all, anywhere, and I know that this isn't a typical experience. They're fairly unsatisfying orgasms, and always leave me wanting more, but they definitely get my heart racing and my body quivering. Reading erotica is quite the experience for me.

  15. As a woman with a fantastic sexual partner, I can say that my husband makes sure I cum at least three times before he does, and there have been times when that number is 10+, so... yeah.

  16. Pretty much - they simply don't improve outcomes. Their only utility is for esthetics but honestly even then they don't look great and gum level normally goes back to where it was after a year.

  17. Really? I had a gum graft 10 years ago and it doesn't seem to have recessed again.

  18. Did all other sites in your mouth recede except the site that was grafted?

  19. Nope, just one tooth so far, but I'm also horrible at taking care of my teeth and brushing regularly.

  20. Don't let worry consume your life. Designate a time for it, then move on.

  21. Is that an actual option? I didn't see it when I made the post

  22. No driveway and like 1x0.5 meter walkway, soo I'll take 2ft cause that means I got a magnificent amount of snow this year. (I love snow)

  23. Yes, but what if you had to shovel a driveway and a full size walkway as well?

  24. YTA. At that age, I was so sleep deprived I stopped feeling human. My husband worked nights but I was up every 2 hours to breastfeed for 40 minutes 24/7. Our son wouldn't sleep unless he was being held or snuggled. The most we got otherwise was the one time he slept for 15 minutes in his swing. I was so adamantly against bed-sharing that I almost dropped him. But if I tried to wake up my husband to help, the man who can sleep through anything at a moments notice, he would get mad. Our son didn't take bottles, either, so I was only waking him to change diapers or hold him. I have insomnia. I can't sleep with noise, and even with earplugs the sound of the TV on low volume or a phone at volume 2 will keep me up. Seriously. I was in LABOR for 12 hours, drugged up, with earplugs and couldn't sleep because his mom, brother, and sister were in the room. One was talking on speakerphone, one was playing a game on their phone, and the other was watching TV. Husband slept until it was time to push and we kicked them out.

  25. I was initially put on disability due to mental health, and I didn't have a lawyer. Got accepted on the first try, but I had a case manager and was in a residential treatment home at the time.

  26. Oh lol don't worry about it then yet, just use the armor spheres you got on your favourite equipment and have fun.

  27. Nah they can all be improved I think

  28. I had been using the defender series but it wouldn't let me upgrade them. Now I somehow acquired even better armor so I equipped those instead

  29. That when I'm crying out or in tears, it means I have reached my limit. I'm done. It doesn't matter if I was fine two minutes ago. I'm not fine anymore.

  30. Pelvic floor physical therapist, liquid IV, smart water bottle

  31. Hey! This is called the ER protocol for TN, it circulated in the group last year.

  32. Dilantin and Keppra are both contraindicated with my current meds. I mean maybe they could do it in the ER with extra monitoring

  33. Thank you for your reply. I don’t consider myself an overly impressionable or naive person, but dang, with this ongoing, relentless pain, I certainly have become desperate and willing to try anything. Some of these alternative practitioners do seem to be preying on people who are in pain and desperate for resolve. The prices of their treatments are outlandish and that somewhat speaks for itself I think, but people who are given a shred of hope that their pain will get better will and do pay these prices.

  34. I've not heard of NUCCA chiros before now but I've heard from a lot of people that chiropractic treatment made things worse

  35. Someone I know with TN swears by dry needling. I haven’t tried it, but I did get dry needling on my ankle after dealing with a horrible tendinitis for months that made it so I couldn’t even walk. The reason I dealt with it for so many months was because I was resistant about my PT’s recommendation to do dry needling. First of all, it freaked me out, but second of all, I thought it was all just snake oil BS, and I wasn’t about to let somebody pop me with an needle just because of some feelgood theory. Well color me wrong, because 5 mins after she did it, I was completely recovered. I was standing on my ankle on one foot, doing toe raises. I couldn’t walk into the session without a limp and a walking boot on, and after, I strolled right out. So I don’t knock naturopathic stuff anymore after that experience!

  36. Dry needling for TN? I tried looking it up but everything I read said it wasn't an option. Dry needling is for muscular related issues

  37. No shit Sherlock, those autistic men that harass woman do that because their brain does not work in normal ways, do you understand that? They have zero reference points, because all they see if woman fucking guys who bullied them, so they think wow she must like that too 😍

  38. Autistic people still understand consent. It is not an excuse to be disrespectful. And yet here you are, a man, on a sub that is distinctly for women, thinking it's okay to berate people for disagreeing with you. How mature. You clearly know how to read, so why are you here?

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