1. It would be "pha" or फ (फ़). But they said letter "here" as in, in the above image. There's no फ in the image :)

  2. You mean the show was in German? Here's a bunch of Scooby Doo knockoffs:

  3. Everyone loves to be the persecuted bunch. It's funny how in politics and religion, the storyline of being persecuted is so popular, and somehow confers "rightness" to your beliefs. What if you're being persecuted because you're wrong? Nah. That could never be it. Must be because we're right, and "they" know it, but they don't want us to be right, they love evil, because reasons.

  4. Every belief system is wrong to someone. How about we don't persecute anyone?

  5. After watching Death of a Nation and 2000 Mules, if I could live with myself I think I could become a right wing grifter. It would be so damn easy.

  6. You should do it. Make a couple to gain credibility. Then make one to convince people they should be socialist without calling it socialist. Then run for office.

  7. My opinion is the exact opposite within this sub, so I'm going to say it's because you're gravitating toward inflammatory comments and those tend to get retaliatory responses.

  8. I think people see what they want to see. Not because they're ignorant but because they see certain things as more significant (like an ad hominem attack from the other side) and it sticks in their memory more. Overall, this sub is much better than most related places on Reddit, so imo it's whatever.

  9. That body could have been me - when I was 17 and interrailing in Portugal and on the Algarve, I went recklessly swimming far out into the ocean, and into all the caves and grottos along the coast - it was awesome, but I could easily have drowned. When the tide rose, I got trapped in caves occasionally, and had to dive out through the tunnels. One tunnel too long, and that would have been that. And with the proficiency of the Portuguese police, my parents would never have found out what happened to me...

  10. I thought this story was gonna end with you losing an arm

  11. Or a leg, since they found a femur! 😄

  12. Both the words come from the root aavaar which means "dust, rubble" etc and was used initially to indicate destitution. The meaning later evolved into roaming aimlessly because the action implied raising dust.

  13. Community is one I was surprised had devnagri subs. Not history or science though

  14. Guy that plays 5 dimensional chess to destroy an international cabal of blood-thirsty pedophiles doesn’t know the name of guy sitting next to him at thanksgiving

  15. Honestly I'm more surprised when he knows people's names, considering he doesn't give a shit about anyone else and probably has dementia

  16. Whether or not he actually has dementia, it's definitely a close call, which is bad enough.

  17. Not to be negative, but I thought this etymology was underwhelming when I first learned of it. I was aware for a long while that Bluetooth was a real medieval historical figure and thought "Wow, this person must have done something monumental in terms of postal communication, or made some sort of technological breakthrough". No. Just a king that subjugated another country.

  18. I'm just surprised it was suggested by Intel and not Ericsson

  19. Ericsson is a Swedish company though. And Denmark has been Sweden's arch nemesis basically since the birth of both nations – or as we like to call it: brotherly love through the centuries.

  20. Haha yeah I was mostly kidding but I definitely appreciate the tidbit :)

  21. As a criminal defense attorney, prosecutorial discretion would be a great tool if it was used appropriately (like when my client was charged with domestic violence for slapping her ex who was being an asshole), but it rarely is.

  22. I mean, the main thing pushing civilization toward suicide is global warming.

  23. I used to struggle with Urdu in school and my mum started giving me Urdu books to read. I took a liking to a detective series and read a lot of them. Improved my Urdu and grades tremendously.

  24. It was written by Ishtiaq Ahmed around 3 families, Inspector Jamshed, Inspector Kamran as patriarchs of their facilities and Shauki brothers.

  25. I mean, it's not even relevant. The crazy thing is his first instinct on hearing his son murdered a bunch of people was "is he gay?" Like, that should not be your biggest concern?????? Don't let them change the narrative

  26. I appreciate the explanation, but I have lived here for years--I know that staring isn't always considered as impolite in India as it is overseas.

  27. As a white man who traveled a lot in India, it used to bother me until I thought of it as like, wherever you go there are people (mostly guys) standing outside not doing anything, they're going to be looking at something, and I'm the most different thing around so they look at me.

  28. Got a source for that? Everything I've seen seems to indicate pretty conclusively that he was a hateful bigot. Gender issues tend to be FAR more complex than sexual attraction variance. The timing really speaks volumes to how absurd the claim is


  30. It's a comforting thought but I think the truth is just that there's no justice

  31. On the one hand I recognize all the reasons why this is bad. On the other, I'm a little excited, bc I think this will help with my learning haha

  32. Yeah I understand, it's easier but to be fair the devanagari script is a very easy one to learn and use ! :) If you want to try something a little challenging, netflix has hindi subtitles

  33. Haha yes I'm aware but thanks. I can read devnagri, just not quickly enough to read in real time. I actually was doing a thing for a bit where I was watching community with Hindi subtitles and would pause whenever a line came on the screen. I'd read it and try to translate and then hit play to see if I was right. It was kind of fun but then got tedious after a bit.

  34. Yeah someone else pointed out that Scott Pilgrim used to date Captain Marvel and beat up Superman and Captain America. Though I guess, with as many actors as there are involved in the MCU, something similar can probably be said about a number of movies.

  35. They were "wise men" for hire, often used sort of like defense attorneys. And lots of them were proto-atheists and proto-nihilists; they were supposed to have believed that nothing was true and morality was a sham, having no convictions of their own, but would rent out their intellect and rhetorical skills to argue in favor of or against whatever their clients wanted them to.

  36. To add to this, I believe that in Ancient Greece people had to defend themselves, and the sophists basically taught people how to effectively do so. IIRC I learned this in a philosophy class in college.

  37. Notably, the head of the board that proposed these rules is a police chief herself, and said that they would apply to her too (and she approves of them, obviously)

  38. Maybe it would have been better to know these letters meaning before getting inked lol. It’s Tibetan though, not Hindi. But I’m fairly certain it represents the chakras, one « letter » or sound for each one

  39. Btw op didn't say the picture was of their sister did they? Maybe they found the pic and are considering it? Idk

  40. Yes maybe, in that case they way the title is phrased is a little tricky aha

  41. Oh I 100% agree, I thought it was that way too until I thought about it a bit more

  42. Does Urdu have a word that means the same thing but has Sanskrit origin?

  43. I've heard "par" used for "but", but less often than lekin or magar:

  44. I've always noticed I start to feel dead inside in situations where other people have strong emotions. I've always thought it's in part a function of being socialized out of being able to cry (as a guy)

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