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  1. It's the size updates. They tried to either make the size updates they announced live, or were testing them in production and failed. They have now reverted them / removed the size updates from the game for now.

  2. Hopefully the hatched part is hatching a specific egg and not a specific pokemon.

  3. While it would be cool for Auqa/Magma.... "Invasion" kinda makes me think of Rainbow Rocket, and how Giovanni there is the boss of all the other team leaders

  4. Rockets are called Invasions (and sometimes Incidents) in the code for reference.

  5. In some upcoming event that has a badge, there will be a new Rocket encounter character. "Higher priority than Giovanni" probably means that it has some requirement to trigger, similar to Rocket leaders and Giovanni needing their respective radar items, and this new character will take priority over the others in Rocket balloons if multiple requirements are met, similar to how Giovanni currently has priority over other leaders, which have priority over regular grunts.

  6. I was #1797 when I joined and it seems like they sold out when I was around #100. Heartbroken 😔

  7. Oh no! We were 717 when we joined and were able to snag ours luckily.

  8. It was datamined in the last apk mine by PokéMiners. I think it was for sharing a Pokémon's catch location in Campfire, but I could be wrong.

  9. Stickers v2 are coming which allows sorting and categories.

  10. Same issue here. Been happening for months. Usually, if I set the fans to full speed, it will fix itself after a few minutes, but then the battery kills itself until I reboot. There is no winning haha.

  11. The catch rates for EX raid bosses were base 6%, instead of 2% compared to most regular tier 5 bosses.

  12. The beast ball itself doesn't have a higher catch rate (well I guess it could but the actual catch rate in the game of the balls is unknown without some tinkering). The Beast Ball only appears during a unique encounter screen for Ultra Beasts, and that encounter screen is what sets the catch probability (that screen could set the game to catch the UB with virtually any item and the catch rate would be the same).

  13. Steranka did mention that they were working on a solution in that conversation though.

  14. We think it's for the new Extended Raids we reported on previously.

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