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  1. Makes good mulch if your neighbors/neighborhood can band together and get a chipper.

  2. And those cedars, while relatively light, are much stronger than I thought

  3. Which is kinda crazy because many of us are serviced by Austin energy, but are not within city limits so we cannot even vote for the dipshit council members.

  4. May not be fabric, fabric would be much heavier, it is probably foam, foam is often made using butane or simular gasses, they should be aged on a ventilated shelf for a more than a month to allow thos gasses to escape.

  5. n-Pentane, but yes, youre on the money! And yes, in the USA, they usually let the foam sit out for a while to offgas the excess pentane (yes it’s a potent greenhouse gas), so that when shipped it stays below the lower explosive limit.

  6. So, why would CoA pick it up for someone not in the CoA?

  7. I’m not within any city limit, just unincorporated Travis county. Pros: no city property taxes and codes (save over $2k/year in taxes and more freedom), cons: no city services. 99% of the time, city services ain’t worth it, this would be a small exception.

  8. This is a SEMA (aka a lot of aftermarket customization) build bronco. Even the paint colors are custom. From this pic there is no way to tell what model they started out with to build this, but you definitely can’t order it from the factory this way.

  9. Might have been a white Outerbanks at first, based on the white C pillar and painted fenders.

  10. This was my initial plan, I wasn’t sure I fully understood the SAS package and what everything did. I was willing to learn if they were things I could use to my benefit in the snow and sand. But yeah I’m not opposed to doing my own lift and tires (brother is a mechanic and has offered to help). Wasn’t sure if the suspension upgrades were worth it or not. I also just wish OBX had non blue or brown seat colors but oh well. Thoughts on gear ratio? I had been torn between customized OBX vs Wildtrak. When I had messed around with stuff cost was similar so I wasn’t too worried. Also why is paint protection film not available on all of the models 🤦🏼‍♂️

  11. The gear ratio is the most overlooked part of the sas package if you’re gonna want 35”s later anyways. (2drs look solid on 32-33”s but the 4 door just doesn’t look right without 35”s). The tall 4.7 gears are very punchy and make the bronco on 35”s fly off the line. But, sas is definitely not necessary. You might want a rear locker for sand dunes and definitely 4A for Michigan winters so whatever you do, get the advanced 4x4.

  12. Any time someone says I’ve got two ___, I now automatically respond with “one for the plug and one for the load.

  13. It depends heavily on the climate of the 50F too. A 50F on a windy 100% humidity gulf coast beach at night is pretty miserably cold, whereas a 50F sunny afternoon day in Denver with calm winds is shorts and t shirt blissful.

  14. A lot of redditors are pretty fucking hive-minded stupid if you haven’t figured it out. There are plenty of dumb liberals too.

  15. I know a lot of my neighbors in the neighborhood, more so than the others at my condo. Most of my neighborhood has gotten power back, or never lost it at all. My complex still doesn’t, but my neighbors at my complex have never really been neighborly while expecting me to look out for their packages, but they can’t lend a hand when I need it.

  16. Sounds like you have shitty neighbors. That’s definitely not the case everywhere and definitely not the case in my neighborhood.

  17. But you’re in west Austin so you must be rich. This city only caters to west Austin, so this is fake news.

  18. I previously had a hair test in college to work at GE. As a girl with really long hair, I thought this was extremely violating, IMO. I later had a urine test to get my CDL... but these were before I started using CBD/THC edibles for PMS pain management.

  19. Hair tests only take the first 1.5 inches of hair from the root, and human head hair grows on average about 1/2” a week, so it’s about 3 months of history for the average person. Interestingly though, it takes about a week to go from being active in your system (blood), to get into the hair follicle. So say you did all the drugs yesterday, and took a hair test today, and haven’t done anything else over the past 3-4 months, you’d pass the hair drug test.

  20. I grew up outside of Beaumont. Have been through many hurricanes, floods, and ice storms.

  21. Ive been out of town for work this week, but my wife at home has sent me pics and told me what’s up. I have a downed fence and two downed trees and a chainsaw that’s just waiting for me on Saturday when I get back late tonight.

  22. Be sure to get a thing that alerts you if the freezer stops working. Mine has saved my butt several times. Sends alerts to me phone.

  23. And a backup generator in case the power goes out for days…

  24. If HEB gives away a bunch of meat that sat outside the safe storage temp for 24 hours, they are incurring a huge liability. Every one of these people has the power to file a lawsuit against HEB for harm if they become sick after HEB gave them something they knew was potentially tainted

  25. Exactly! And H-E-B puts out a press release warning against it, and viola, no liability, and people are free to take meat from a dumpster that 99% chance won’t make them sick. (But H-E-B ain’t willing to take the chance that 1% of the 1% that do get sick will sue their balls off).

  26. I mean, we’ve learned this already. catastrophic event happens, then fed makes money printer go brrrrr, stonks to the moon bc money falls from the sky into our bank accounts and back into stonks because we’re all greedy and it’s too easy to be greedy.

  27. I see two entitled people with this post, an audi driver being a mild Audi driver (they still are technically within the line, so not wrong, just not great), and an entitled fatass that thinks the world should cater to their weight. Don’t get me wrong, you do you, but personal choices have consequences.

  28. The falling trees are his revenge for trans kids existing.

  29. Yesterday there were percentages posted of power outages for all the nearby counties. Milam came in at 40%, Travis at 27%. And every other county had 15%+ power outages. The suburbs aren’t all fine, it’s not just Austin that had trees go down on power lines.

  30. Part of it is that the cookie cut master planned burbs were developed more recently and have buried power lines and ground level transformers.

  31. The weather forecast has only light icing happening as late as Tuesday evening. Austin Energy were caught out like the rest of us.

  32. Yeah, weather models are notoriously bad at predicting temperatures of very cold but shallow cold fronts, especially when 1 deg C is the difference between cold rain and devastating to infrastructure ice. I’ve noticed over the past few years that cold fronts have been model-biased for higher temps than what actually happens.

  33. Dude claims to be a journeyman electrician, so my guess is he’s probably more in the know than 90% of us.

  34. What you don't see is that they actually did restore tens of thousands of meters, they just weren't restoring as fast as nature was taking them back offline. I really do think they will have 98% of outrages resolved before Friday at 5pm. I bet they will be back to 90% service level by EOD today.

  35. Not just the lines themselves, but a good chunk of the power poles themselves are down all over the streets of our neighborhood. Installing tens of thousands of poles, lines and transformers will take quite a while even with all hands on deck working max time.

  36. Not standard on the wildtrak (but only a $395 upgrade though).

  37. Why? Vespas look good and have style and esthetics I appreciate over most motorcycles. What’s a “real motorcycle” you sound judgmental? A machine with 2 wheels and a throttle? Sounds familiar to me. I say scooter and all the sudden the machismo comes out from people to one up me. Grown up and realize that not everyone wants the same things others do.

  38. I mean, does your Vespa go at least 70mph and get to that speed comfortably. If it does, then, all good, my bad, but I didn’t think vespas were capable of that.

  39. Yes it does or I wouldn’t be taking it there. I rarely do anyways. Top speed flat surface about 85mph. Again not something I do often but a smooth ride. I wouldn’t drive it in Houston but any freeway here is totally doable. It may not be a motorcycle exactly but the engine is what counts. Sorry for being defensive, most people scoff not realizing how high performance modern Vespas can be and a blast to ride.

  40. TIL modern Vespas can boogy! Sorry I got all on ya, dumb of me to do without researching first.

  41. Maybe it sounds dumb, but I felt like my Lux OBX at 3K over MSRP off the lot was a steal. Sorry if I'm part of the problem.

  42. Na, you got a deal! 571 days from reservation to delivery (for a soft top too, but everything else, exactly how I wanted though) for me, so $5.25/day to skip the line seems reasonable to me.

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