1. Excellent. Connector of gpu was no Problem to the bottom panel?

  2. Can you share some more detailed pictures of the gpu powerconnector? Would be interesting how much bending you need for fitting at this point. 4090 related also 😜

  3. This is the T1 on 2-slot GPU, right? for 3-slot AXP90-X47 should be the one

  4. I am on exhaust with a A12x25 and AXP120 and my SSD temps are below 40°C. So give it it try - worst case you loose 10 degree against push on CPU - your choice what are you preferring and needs. Higher CPU temps will not be a problem beside loosing a bit of boost

  5. Same Case, same keyboard, same screen and bag😂 Good choices👍😜

  6. May I ask what specs you got please? Do you have an AIO? I am debating between FormD T1V2 and the Dan A4 case. Both seem great but the T1 is smaller. I am planning on putting in a 5900x and a 3080Ti in there. Can you share your thermals too??

  7. Check my latest post 😜 ask there if you are missing something

  8. Did test it with a slim fan before and you loose 5-10K for pull against push. For the Full fan I did. not recheck. Main reason / advantage is that I can pull out all hot air from the case. So i get Great temps for RAM, Board and so on….

  9. Main advantage for me - Full fans on slim rad in the top

  10. How slim of a rad? Im interested now! I have a h100i but if theres a slim aio with the option of thic fans im interested

  11. 20-21mm only TX240 or new HPE240 ST20 will fit. Some other Chinese Ones also but look at these two…

  12. Nice build and congrats for your fast delivery :P

  13. No I printed a small plate and screwed all fans on the right side on this.

  14. You’re using a 3090FE right? How are core temps? VRAM temps? Fan noise?

  15. Yes you are right. Completely depends on load....


  17. Which height or how much Place for cables is in the stand for the V2?If I understood it right all IC Orders can order the stand afterwards. But how is the process to this? Just an email with the code for doing the orders?

  18. A12 more comfortable for noise in my opinion. T30 avg. dBA seems ok but my personal experience is that the noctua is more silent/comfortable….

  19. Any information about first shipment dates of black and titantium sandwich version?

  20. By the way, anything about the Alpenfohn Black Ridge? I just found out that the Thermalright in Europe is +100€ vs. 50ish the Alpenfohn. Another option would be aliexpress, but still cost slightly more

  21. It does not fit on my board so not tested. What I have read about it, that it's similar or only a very small margin better then the AXP. Where are you located? I ordered the AXP via amazon from the US for about 50-60€ when I am right.

  22. From what I have seen, both of the holes on the right have some clearance issues with components. Did you also cut holes in the backplate for the bottom right side in this picture?

  23. Ah now I copy what you mean. Bottom right I didn't anything. That were only small SMD parts with the same height. The backplate has some plastic film. If you are afraid you could add a soft pad or something to cover the SMD parts better but I just did nothing and stressed the parts perhaps a bit. Will see if long term problems happens - but I don't think so.

  24. Aha! I *did* have to remove the top part of the nvme stack to get the *Alpenfohn* to fit; however, my fan mod for the Noctua NH-L12 Ghost edition gave me back that critical centimeter so I did NOT have to modify the motherboard in any way!

  25. Can you share some pics with the noctua on the board?

  26. In my build its just lay down and then pressed by the sidepanel. When I have time I will print some pins which fit in the fan and can hold the tubes coming with the fan duct.

  27. I do have an AMD system so 4000MHz cl14 at 1.48V, without those tiny fans the PC becomes unstable after like 2 hours of gaming, but with the fans no crash and can pass any memory stress test without problems.

  28. Did you have that since update yesterday? Had also some problem yesterday that Frames dropped sometimes half from 140 to 70-72 without any noticeable reason. A rejoin to the lobby helped sometimes but problem came randomly back. Will check next days again.

  29. All on air and fans to exhaust - easiest, reliable, leight weighted setup with same or best level of noise overall.

  30. For AIO: 1x A12x15 + 1x A12x25 For custom loop with TX240: 2x A12x25 or 1x A12x25 + 1x T30

  31. Buying a FormD but struggling with the Costs of the fans? 😜 Noctua A12x25 or new thermalright is the way to go without compromises…

  32. Thanks for this Information. Did the second order already on wednesday. Now I am not afraid that one Order will be canceled. 😜👍

  33. Just try it. The T1 is more exclusive compared to a standard NR200 and also noticeable smaller. It will work good also from cooling performance - especially when you go conpletly on air. You have to check the cpu cooler comp. But when fine just do it. You can See my lastest post of a completly air cooled 12900K and 3090FE😜

  34. No in my case I would have ordered an additional black version because I am ICer for the Titanium one. I don't wanted to wait too long for next build and would use black and titanium version in parallel :P - have to builds already ready 1. in FormD T1 V1 and 2. LianLi Mini

  35. Woke up 5am in the Morning in Germany, really tired and saw it is not open. Felt so sleep again and now all gone - a bit salty.

  36. Thanks for the info. As a Titanium interest checker :-) it would be helpful to roughly get any information how big the delay will be. Are that weeks, months? Would me help for deciding to switch to black version.

  37. Great build. Check my build for improving thermals. Also tweak your CPU to cool down via Bios settings until you didn't have done this. The TVB Boost +2 wil increase the the temp as you now have - try fixed multi 4,9 and lower your load line settings.

  38. Wouldn't that technically result in lower single core performance via an all-core 4.9 clock (vs. the 5.2ghz via TVB)? I will definitely take a look at the load line settings though and probably move that to LLC2 or LLC3 if I can push it.

  39. Yes that's true but I can experience depending on my use case with high cpu loads in gaming (Warzone) you will never see that boost and sitting at all core ratio limits. So in my opinion in makes no sense to focus and SC in CB R23 when you mostly don´´t have that use case.

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