1. I love it! Just got it on sale the other day and it’s easily one of my favorite fleeces. I don’t have personal experience with Senchi, but it’s incredibly similar to Melanzana’s Micro Grid hoodie. I’m assuming Senchi has a similar warranty, but Mountain Hardwear products come w a lifetime warranty.

  2. The video is actually from a Vice doc on joining a gang, and the teenager they film has to get initiated by getting the fuck beaten out of him

  3. Rather than planting that initial seed in her mind of “being friends”, just state your intentions of wanting to form a serious relationship. If that’s your goal, of course. Don’t even mention being just friends, simply state your intentions.

  4. Fuckk, this was the first time I’ve seen it. Wasn’t much, maybe $2 in loose change, but damn.

  5. I’d say I do. There’s enough easter eggs in both universes that you could connect some strings. I believe there was some dossier of the Nostromo included with some limited Blu-rays that actually stated that one of the crew worked at Tyrell Corporation. There’s more fun little nods to each other, and I do have a little hope we may see these two universes intersect.

  6. Not discounting Hollywood’s and Nickelodeon’s exploitation of women and children, but the entire article never mentions the words “pizzagate” “photograph” “bikini” “lingerie” or “alcohol”, so they shouldn’t be in your title. Users posting extravagant titles to get karma is just as bad as the articles that come from these MSM outlets.

  7. Might also have to do with many posts nowadays being entirely schizo rants or incredibly biased and lacking any evidence

  8. Tips for getting to this point? Just elevating the heel or anything else?

  9. This almost looks like a tilt-shift! Great stuff!

  10. I typically fold mine in thirds and roll like some have mentioned here. I don’t use the stuff sack, but I do wrap a rubber band around it and put it in the inflation bag. I always have the inflation bag with me so I introduce as little moisture from my breath into the pad.

  11. I have two of these mouse, one white, one black. Both are amazing at what it provides and perform at the current price it is selling for.

  12. I’ve never experienced the driver issue when installing an OS, and I’ve built 3 fresh PCs with my Orochi V2. Very weird!

  13. Had the same issue while doing long-haul thru hikes! Not entirely sure how I dealt with mine, but I started focusing a lot on all-around leg development in the gym and doing lots of nordics. I believe mine was related to an over development of my front quads, though that was a self-diagnosis.

  14. It’s closed source, owned by Meta (Facebook), links a load of data to you (according to Apple AppStore tracking disclosure), and it’s free (meaning your data is the price to use the app).

  15. What’s with all the weird “chase” sequences with Leia and that super awkward cut with the initial jedi encountering the inquisitors in the bar Somehow grown adults are unable to catch a small child? And the jedi is able to run 10 feet out of the bar into the street, and the inquisitors suddenly can’t go after him?

  16. At this point, I’m numb to the gains and losses. Wake me up when Septe.. when we hit $1000 big green ones and beyond.

  17. Beautiful! I’ve got the same setup, but certainly not getting this quality of landscape out of it.. Gotta work on that!

  18. I hope they take a more realistic approach to the story. Season 2 was ridiculous

  19. It’s articles and gate keeping like this that make possible viewers avoid a great movie. Perhaps they’re familiar with the original, but when they read an article complaining about the sequel that’s 5 YEARS OLD, they’re liable to avoid it completely.

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