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  1. Happened at Ipil City, Province of Zamboanga Sibugay, Philippines

  2. This particular road is a big roundabout with a park in the middle (where the silver SUV came from). Some cyclists tend to sprint around there making it a circuit of sorts. Yes, they're idiots for doing this in the inner most lane while there is a dedicated bike lane on the outer lane. BUT the real problem is that there are really no dedicated infrastructure or venue for these people who wants to zoom around. The bike lane that I mentioned were only made for bike commuters and is only one bike wide for the most part.

  3. There had always been a dedicated bikelane in the inside lane of the QMC roundabout for years, but it was demolish right before/during the pandemic. I barely remember those being controversial for causing a lot of fender benders with the hollowblock separating the bike lane and the main highway, which led to their removal. 

  4. First off, public roads are not race tracks. Unless closed off for such an event. And yes, I know that this place is backed by the LGU to be a common cycling ground and is prioritizing cyclists in the morning. Open pa ba Amoranto? Alam ko may track sila doon, why not there? It's safer for everybody including other cyclists who commutes there. For me, the current bike lane placement is better but needs improvement on the exits especially the one in Philcoa

  5. true na true about philcoa being a death trap. Almost all cars that are fast nasa outer lane goes in the bikelane, gitgit malala. Plus those commuters making the bikelane as a sidewalk really sucks.

  6. Are those 60mms? Kahit naka tigil, mukhang mabilis na! Those rims literally slices thru air.

  7. Oh yes, I'm aware. I was just bringing up the ICC because OP was talking about some international court, which in regards to war crimes would be the ICC, permitting their execution, which to my knowledge is not the case. It would be up to the particular country how to proceed with them.

  8. I justed finish reading the whole ICC thing. They can apply capital punishment on this just back then in Nuremberg Trial base on the nations punishments. It just falls on the basic human right it violate

  9. Thanks! And warcrimes allow for executions during armed conflicts?

  10. It is perfidy (deception) that can be used by the international court to order a death sentence for that war crime.

  11. Wow! Ang galing naman, sana magawa ko din ang ganyan. Ganda ng bike! Ganda ng color scheme parang yung Marlboro scheme na gamit ng mga pro teams dati. Congrats sa iyong achievement! Ride safe palagi.

  12. Diba! Solid color and frame size for a classic. Ride Safe too always!!

  13. Heres the strava info abt the ride, unfortunately walang gps yun IGSPORTS ko right now since may issue yun unit nabili ko(for a month na and planning to replace to garmin asap) also nalobat na rin yun tracker ko while in quezon ave doon sa 1st shot but it all total to 166kms. Same route with my first shot to tagaytay last November(bale 2nd ko now!!)

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