1. just got my sample, doing a review this weekend on my networks👍🏻

  2. They even cropped out your name, that’s cold from a fellow chubster 🤣🧤

  3. I see a Blockbuster card, is that coming back, too? Because I don't have anything better to do on a Friday night than wander the aisles of Blockbuster, wondering what movie to take home only to find out that the guy before me didn't rewind it.

  4. found in stores check food blogger pages on IG. I can’t post here anymore, sorry👍🏻

  5. lol guys I was going to post here. looks like you beat me with my own post🤣

  6. My IG posts travel far LOL I was going to post here guys. Give me a chance🤣😅

  7. it is fake! I posted this image on my IG as a quick announcement after confirming with a few people that work for the company. The new image for 2022 I posted here a sec ago.

  8. It’s my emoji the 2022 image is now on my IG 😆

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