1. I will never be able to unsee this especially since I have all 3 too 😂

  2. Oh my god her fur brushes out so much better than regular bigfoot hair. You just made me love her

  3. I pulled Asolise on my new alt acc at chapter 6 and shes still carrying at chapter 14 only at base L

  4. My galarian Moltres was crit catch too. Otherwise they’re uncatchable

  5. Yea if it weren’t for that it would’ve 100% run like the rest. My bf managed to actually catch his zapdos but it was like 150cp or something so that definitely helped lol

  6. The mushrooms. I’ve seen so many in person and still cannot find the appeal

  7. My caedyn is smaller than claire too but not quite like yours 😭!!

  8. I like that she even has a magnet, didnt realize how good fakes were getting :o!

  9. I hand wash my clips with a little bit of soap and some water and they looked like brand new! But this was just surface level cleaning so if the clip is really dirty I’m not 100% sure

  10. Linking the artist cos it annoys me there's like three tags on the bottom right and none of them are the original:

  11. Heres the twitter link to this drawing. I have it bookmarked

  12. Where did you buy it from??? I never see any squishville except once at walgreen’s but that was last year!

  13. I got mine from target! I think cracker barrel might have the series 8 as well?(cant rmbr)

  14. She’s from squishville series 8! She comes from the dark blue capsules :D

  15. Not crazy at all!! Before squishmallows I’d carry around my favorite plushie. I started doing this wayyy back in like kindergarten and just never stopped, I always have a little buddy! If it works it works, plus they’re just super cute and fun to hold/look at

  16. Omg the deer in the first box 🥹 which deer is that?

  17. This Dawn is special as it has no eyelashes like other Dawn releases. I stand eyelash-less Dawn x3

  18. I like this one a lot more too! I hope I can get this dawn someday

  19. If you did this in 2014 you are trans now

  20. Is the dragon and moose part of alexis squad? I just saw those two at my walmart but no alexi 😭😭

  21. No I don't think so they were Christmas ones i guess never got put out the dragon has snowflakes but that probably means alexi won't be far behind being put out at your store they just might be behind!

  22. ahh thank you!! I was super worried I had missed her already 😭I really miss when they’d show the squad on the tags.. Awesome find btw!! I hope you’re feeling better soon 💕

  23. Oh my god they’re adorable!! I’ve never seen them before where’d you find em :o?!

  24. I thought it was a fake at first haha. Very awesome color’s just wish it wasn’t a 16inch

  25. I can’t believe you found a person to match your squishmallow 😂!!

  26. Omg finally a skunk at walmart that won’t be a squishdoo!!

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