1. well.........................they grow

  2. Another medical marijuana patient ungrateful for the program what a surprise 🤦 Boooooooo! Go drink a beer or something 🗿

  3. I would never grow weed. It's not easy, cheap, or quick. Spend $$ on plants that die halfway through? That would absolutely be my luck. I'll leave home grow to others, party on dudes.

  4. Agreed 🗿 I won't waste my money on people's experimental growing. I get really good bud from the dispensary right now, I just wish it was cheaper. I don't want to take the time to grow it I just want to pay for it at a decent price. I pay for quality & genetics keep your growing projects to yourself, I'm good.✊💯

  5. Recreational marijuana would be great but I will still be purchasing through the medical marijuana program. Although I don't completely believe the testing of Ohio's medical marijuana is 100% accurate I do enjoy the quality. The price is still currently a little high but I'll pay it. I don't want some random person growing my marijuana. I have a compromised immune system & plenty of other health issues. Believe it or not a lot of people including some cultivators in the medical marijuana program do not know how to properly cure and package marijuana. When that happens, mold and bacteria are able to grow which would be a huge problem for me and could kill me. I'm just happy I am legally allowed to use and carry marijuana. There is a lot of complaints on Reddit & it's annoying. Be grateful for what you have 🤸🗿

  6. I always grab their smalls when I see them. The Citizen is amazing. Great prices, great stuff and great quality. I've tried approximately 15 different cultivators since I've been in the program. They have cultivators that I'll probably make good product but I don't like stringy hay looking marijuana no matter how good it is. I enjoy potent nuggets that're fresh & stinky, which Klutch provides. I had a few issues with Klutch in the past but they refunded my money completely. I have respect for cultivators that take care of their customers. I don't understand why people hate on Klutch so much. Go pick on a company like certified cultivators which by the way is straight trash no matter what product you buy. Ancient Roots is probably the only cultivator that comes close to clutch as far as consistency and quality. I used to hate on Klutch due to all of the social media complaints. The fact is that there are angry shitty people on Reddit. If you would like to improve your shitty attitude go pick up some lemon slushie by klutch🤣. I'm legally allowed to carry & use marijuana which lowers my anxiety & makes me happy. If you are not happy with Ohio's medical marijuana program move to a different state or go back to the streets you f#cking Street rats 🤷😊🗿.

  7. Boveda 28-gram packs 58% humidity. Call local smoke shops. I spend $2.50 for one & it's well worth it because it doesn't over hydrate the flower or compromise the terpenes. 🗿

  8. Use either RSO or a High Potency tincture (1:1 THC/CBD) works best for me. I've used both Butterfly Effect & Klutch Cannabis 660 mg 1:1 tinctures in the past & they both work great. The Klutch tincture was a little more bearable because butterfly effect has a cake flavor that makes me gag & Klutch uses peppermint flavoring. Sublingual absorbtion (under tongue) is most effective with a 10-15 min onset. Start small. Good luck 😋🗿

  9. Try to cut down on your marijuana consumption. You're probably using entirely too much especially if you're using concentrates.

  10. Looks delicious 🤤. I've had Farkas Unicorn Cake once & it was slightly dry but very potent & medicating 😋🗿

  11. I've tried buckeye relief multiple times. Unfortunately the flower was mediocre at best. Hardly has any smell, usually dry and the flavor is not there either. I gave Buckeye Relief a fair chance but until they improve on their packaging & quality I won't purchase from them again. I refuse to pay Ohio's ridiculous prices for average flower 😤. It sucks that Cleveland Heights got stuck with Buckeye Relief 🤦.

  12. I will only ever buy Wana gummies or Camino gummies, especially when they’re on sale I stock up. The blueberry Camino CBN gummies are so good for night time sleeping.

  13. Have you tried Camino yuzu lemon 1:1 THC/CBD gummies. I ate 5 the other day but didn't feel much. I mainly use flower (about 1 oz per month) maybe I should take more 🤷 . Any suggestions?

  14. The THC/CBD combo usually doesn’t give you the psychoactive feels like THC alone would.

  15. I used to take BFE 1:1 600mg THC/CBD tincture sublingually for my first few months in the program & I felt great. I find that the CBD seems to help with pain more than THC alone. I'll try just THC gummies next time, thanks.

  16. Be careful, looks like a pedophile that lives in his mother's basement. So scary 🤦

  17. Ohio Cannabis Connection ✊💯 Telemedicine, no paperwork & fast service. $150 100% money back guarantee if you don't get approved, which is rare. Also $50 to state. 🗿

  18. What’s their renewal price these days, and do you know if they price match? I went through them to get my card and need to renew soon, I know there’s cheaper options I just don’t feel like going through the medical records process all over again

  19. $100 for renewal through OCC & another $50 to state. I've never had to leave my bedroom for appointments or renewals.

  20. Citizen/klutch and botanist are way fucking better than rise, and rise is playing games, but it has nothing to do with anyone’s race or religion. No need to go there and doesn’t add anything to the conversation. It actually detracts from your point.

  21. I agree that Rise Dispensary is extremely shady & possibly doing illegal shit like label swapping & false advertising. I switched to The Citizen in Lorain about two months ago & I'll never go back to Rise Dispensary. The prices at The Citizen are cheaper, the flower is better & cheaper & they always have great deals that are exclusive to their store. Klutch cannabis is the only cultivator I purchase flower & most other products from. I picked up two half's of Lemon Slushie yesterday & it was packaged 5 day's ago. 10/10 in my opinion. Very potent & flavorful & currently my favorite strain in the program. I can honestly say it's better than Orange 43 🗿

  22. Orange 43 by Klutch cannabis is my favorite strain & cultivator. It is a well-balanced strain all around with no negative side effects.

  23. How did you get ahold of them? I emailed them 4 times regarding shitty flower and no response. I’ve avoided their products since.

  24. Go to klutches home website and there is an option for contacting Klutch. It took them three or four days to get back to me. It required multiple pictures of the defective flower and a receipt from the dispensary I purchased it from. 24 hours after I sent the pictures & the receipt via email they had a $100 gift card on the way in the mail. They also offer immediate payments through cash app. Sure, Klutch has had issues in the past but I'm loyal to a company that admits they made a mistake & reimbursed me. Their customer service is just as good as the quality of their products. Good luck

  25. Klutch actually sent me a $100 Visa card to apologize. I also contacted the Ohio board of pharmacy about rise dispensaries practices & tampering with other cultivators products. More will be revealed 😊 I'm assuming you're a Rise employee 🤣

  26. I've tried multiple different cultivators and got burnt with bad products. I've stuck with klutch for the last 18 months. I bought three jars of bazooka 2.8 g about a month and a half ago and filed a complaint with the company. Not only did they apologize but they sent me a $100 gift card which was a complete refund. Your customer service is just as good as the quality of their flower. I'll try other cultivators but Klutch is currently my favorite cultivator. If I were you I would focus on which dispensaries are more reputable and trustworthy. I actually have only shopped at two dispensaries in the 2 years I've been in the program. Amplify dispensary tried to sell me klutch flower that was almost 6 months old. My second trip to Amplify was even more disappointing. They absolutely refused to give me package dates on products I wanted to purchase. Rise Dispensary was my main dispensary until the issue with dry flower became a regular thing. The 3 bazookas Klutch jar's I purchased was packaged only a few days before my purchase, but dry as a bone. I contacted Klutch cannabis & the Ohio board of pharmacy. Hopefully they solve the issue with product tampering. I currently only purchase from The Citizen in Lorain. Prices are cheaper, quality is superior & they have Klutch products exclusive to only to The Citizen. If you find a cultivator that meets your expectations & needs stay loyal to them. There are a lot of cultivators that don't know how to grow, cure & properly package their flower. I wasted a lot of money until I found Klutch. Good luck 🦹🗿

  27. I like what you have to say about your experience, but the citizen dispensary is owned by Klutch just like the Landing dispensary in downtown Cleveland is owned by Firelands Scientific. They can sell their stuff own stuff cheaper than at other dispensaries that carry the same product.

  28. Ohio cannabis connection ✊💯 No paperwork necessary & 100% money back guarantee. 🗿

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