I’m baaaaack! Thank y’all for the love ❤️ I truly appreciate it. Here’s my go with XL Flared Chance from this weekend, he goes deep 😍 and also, fuck the haters I’m still gonna fuck giant dildos.

That looks so good

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  1. Coming from someone on the other side- I’m successful on OF and have been for over a year. I’ve been under 1% this entire year and currently sitting at 0.1%. When I give advice, I’m not trying to be mean or rude. I’m being honest because sometimes it takes tough love to get your shit together. I don’t get behind all these “yas girl keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll be successful in no time!!!” threads because that’s not how it works. Statistically speaking, not everyone can be in the top 1%. It takes tons of work, dedication, knowledge to be successful and continuously successful (which is what I think is the hardest- STAYING successful).

  2. I've checked your page and you have a great thing going on, indeed: hard working, beautiful and with a niche that's in hype now (big fantasy toys). Congrats! May I ask if you were always able to use them or you've trained for it? I can barely use a normal size dildo and when I've tried bigger, it was uncomfortable AF (Also bigger means a bit thicker than a toilet paper roll tube and about 6.5"). Especially my cervix feels like a punch bag. 🙄 Thanks! 😘

  3. It has definitely taken lots of training and practice to get to this point for me, I started out with normal sized dildos and have worked my way up! Just like exercising certain muscles, over time you build strength and flexibility!

  4. Ah thanks so much!! 🥰 agreed so pretty. I was determined to get a Mary in a cool colour today and got into the drop as soon as it went up. I'd never even heard of this colour but I had to have it. Can't wait to check her out when she arrives

  5. You definitely succeeded! I’ve never seen that pour before either, but it’s wonderful! I missed the drop today sadly lol

  6. Well if you're around Sunday you should keep an eye on their Twitter. They've been teasing the Auroras the last few days and there's supposed to be a "big announcement" Sunday

  7. Oooh thanks for the info! I’ve heard the rumors of auroras coming soon, I’d love to snag one! I’ll keep an eye out ☺️

  8. Wandering Bard has a nice selection of fantasy toys- a lot of their Xsmall or Small toys would fit the bill. The Small Grick is about the size you mention, has some texture (suction cups) like Ika but a little different shape. Or a small Basilisk!

  9. I’ve posted full nude and clips of my videos from the beginning and it hasn’t hindered my subs at all. Your Reddit is meant to be a taste of your OF, think of it like the appetizer. You don’t want to give away everything on Reddit- however you can promote nude and be very successful. You just need to have MORE on your OF. You definitely get more attention if you promote nude. Sure, there’s plenty of guys that enjoy the free stuff and get off on that, they’re never going to be paying subs anyways and that’s fine! But they interact and engage with your content which then pushes it and leads to it being viewed by people who will spend money on OF. Youre building a fan base. I’ve had many subs say they followed me on reddit for months and finally subscribed after seeing all my posts.

  10. That is a very nice collection! Some great picks ☺️

  11. Increase your post frequency and diversify the subreddits you post to. It takes work to make Reddit work.

  12. That toy is amazing! As is your stretch! 🔥

  13. Ummm. Yeah you definitely can. A pussy after being stretched like that is so nice and swollen it's not crazy tight on your dick. But my god it's this amazing soft pillowy texture. Feels fucking incredible.

  14. I always say it’s like a pillow!!!! You sir get bonus points!

  15. This is so confusing 😫 because I see so many successful creators with OF and link tree in their bio and I just don’t understand how they do it without getting banned. Everyone has been telling me to promote on TikTok and Instagram but I can’t figure out how to do it without getting banned. If I can’t put my link in my bio, how do I promote it a watermark on my pictures?

  16. Never mention OF on Instagram or have your actual OF link there, you’ll get banned. I have a linktree and it’s been fine. Don’t do anything too sexy or too revealing. You’ll also get banned or shadowbanned this was. Keep it PG-13 max.

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