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  1. This is so sad… Has he been tested for E. cuniculi? It is the most common cause of head tilt in rabbits. If it due to cuniculi, antibiotics would not work because it is a protozoa, not a bacteria.

  2. The cause is a severe inner abcess and consequent infections

  3. Ugh… His immune system must be failing. I’m so truly sorry to hear that.

  4. He is doing really well, he has had a long road and has leveled out better than expected. I am enjoying my time with him and he is comfortable and happy, and hopefully he can see 11!

  5. It really suits you, looks very healthy and nice

  6. Those were the days…I’m considering a thick Christmas sweater this time 🥲 my rock bottom for sure.

  7. Aww Nigel! What a sweetie! Thank you for sharing the updates on him, it's wonderful to see him thriving and loved 😁

  8. I am so glad you are enjoying him 🥰

  9. Wear what you are most comfortable in! I like the silver. You will be most appropriate when you are most confident, regardless of heel height etc

  10. Trail of hay throughout the house 😂

  11. Is she spayed? Just curious because multiple false pregnancies can increase the chance of cancer in unspayed females. Not to scare you, but that is what happened to my girl (I didn’t think she needed to be spayed because Nigel was neutered )

  12. oh my god what a beauty

  13. Could always just go black until it grows out or you can get it professionally fixed. Give it a few months solid dark and then you can try to color correct

  14. Mine hated it for a little while and now he just doesn’t care lol

  15. I don’t have any advise except see if she is still eating (is she is still eating her belly isn’t in too much pain at the moment) and make sure she is hydrated, until you can get to the vet

  16. I love Luna She is remembering you with the same sweet memories you have of her

  17. I love dry sugary cereal as a snack my favorite

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