1. The last pic will always be one of my faves. He laid with his chin rested on the chestnut for a solid 5 minutes before he got some air and moved on to his next perch.

  2. I told him he was an asshole for doing that to me. He’s such a diva.

  3. What is ELI5 a co2 kit? Or you meant easy?

  4. Personally their online simulation exam was 100% the reason I passed. I was able to do it at work during slower times. I got the book as well as part of the package but I literally don’t even think I opened it. At the end of the day it’s what works for you.

  5. I am going to take my exam in 2 weeks and I feel very nervous right now. (It’s really hard to study while working full time…) I like the BOC online simulation exam better than LabCE. I did some practice exams on BOC and got about 75% correct on average. Would you think it would be enough to pass the actual exam? Thanks!!

  6. I’ve always heard people say that as long as your getting above 50-60% on their practice exams you’re pretty much set. I wanna say I was getting in the 60s and I passed okay.

  7. I see no possible way that could go wrong!

  8. The way guppies breed there are bound to be weird genetic mutations and this guy might just be one of those. I personally would just let him live out a single life. Obviously he doesn’t want buddies. For all we know he could have a genetic mutation for antisocial personality disorder.

  9. Our middleware software automatically suppressed the automated count and doesn’t let the values cross into LIS. Then we do our count and that’s all that gets reported.

  10. I did the exact same thing 😂😂 I felt so stupid. I’m glad I’m not alone. I was like oh surely it won’t get bad again 🙄

  11. Hi! I actually have this one i think however not in my betta tank. In general for bettas light doesnt really matter, they just need a day/night cycle. You could use the timer function or sunrise/sunset function but the sunrise/sunset one is like the entire day so its kind of long and having the light on that long you can run into algae issues

  12. I had roughly a 12/12 timer for his old light so I think I might just leave it at that. Do you know if brightness is an issue? That’s what I couldn’t find out. I have it at the 60% setting right now bc I wasn’t sure.

  13. I’ve been trying to research but I can’t really find specifics on the color spectrum or automatic light cycles.

  14. I’m copying this from a previous comment I made. So ignore anything that doesn’t apply but diet is most definitely the most important aspect of supplementing calcium. It cost me ~$5 to buy the ingredients to make snello in June of last year and I still have maybe a months worth left. And you can absolutely add whatever veg you have on hand.

  15. Thank you this is very informative I didn't know you could use tums I can definitely find those rather than the calcium which is nowhere around where live.

  16. You are quite welcome! It was super easy and cheap af. I just got the generic fruit tums. Idk if you’re old enough to remember seeing these or having them but I remember my grandma used to always have a little roll of tums in her purse lol. I couldn’t find that but if you can it would be the perfect amount.

  17. You can tell the sex easily on light shelled mysteries. If the spiral area is dark, it's a girl. If not, boy.

  18. I can’t find any research articles backing that up but I 100% hope you’re correct bc I reallllly wanted a girl!!!

  19. As someone who knits, crochets, embroidery etc it makes me actually angry. It takes so much time and effort to create these things and she acts like it was nothing. She needs a reality check before she is on her crying about how the bf left her and now her daughter is so sad etc, etc.

  20. Not to mention how expensive yarn is! Anything slightly above baseline is $7+ a skein near me and depending on the size of the blanket that can easily get to $100.

  21. That’s what I was expecting but it’s definitely not. It’s much lighter and the fins are flexible.

  22. It's too late, the curse of the spiral found you. You'll wake up with giant snail pet instead of a dog.

  23. Coincidentally, I do also have 6 mystery snails in my fish tanks. Maybe they rubbed off on her.

  24. Why do I want to put my finger on the middle of the swirl?

  25. I’m more concerned about the redness. Take pictures often so you can tell if it’s spreading. Definitely head to an urgent care or your pcp for antibiotics if it’s warm to the touch or redness is spreading after a couple of days.

  26. Try feeding the snails algae wafers. They only go for plants cause they are hungry.

  27. Without an ounce of a doubt I can sincerely say there is zero chance those spoiled brats are hungry. I make them two different flavors of homemade snello, they get snail pellets, two different kinds of wafers, and the tank is very well established with plenty of algae and biofilm. They are actually so used to me that they’ll eat the snello off of forceps. He had quite literally eaten snello off of forceps no more than two hours before I took that video.

  28. That gluttonous little guy! Well then I have no other suggestions! They own that tank! 😅

  29. Oh they absolutely do. I completely fell in love with mystery snails.

  30. It’s funny you say that. Duckweed was the first floating plant I tried and it last about a week. Even the betta ate it 🙄

  31. My betta and my mystery snails ate literally every last leaf. And I really wanted it lol

  32. yeah filters in and tanks cycles, replaced one of the sponges with filter floss to better trap the particles and kept the other sponge for the bacteria

  33. It took mine well over a week and I regularly rinsed the filter floss to remove excess particulates.

  34. Are there any other species that will safely share a tank with a betta?

  35. I have corydoras with mine and he has never shown the slightest hint of aggression. Having said that, I do have another tank I could quickly move them to if that changed and I wouldn’t get tank mates for a betta without having a backup plan.

  36. I love them. They help to remove film-y algae from the walls of the tank and surfaces of plants. Anyone that's experiencing an insane number of 'pest' snails is very likely overfeeding their tank.

  37. For that reason I think they’re super helpful to get your tank dialed in, so to speak. They helped me with that on my newer tank. I got a bigger cory species than I had had before and I was definitely over feeding in the beginning. Now I have a pretty stable handful of ramshorns.

  38. I love my bladder snails. I put some cucumber in every month and take a lot out with it so they don’t get too overpopulated but they clean the tank well

  39. That’s very similar to what I do except I do it with a snello cube lol. They are great little cleaners.

  40. I knew I would need more plants, I just got a few to start the cycle but I will add more as soon as I can head back to the fish store.

  41. If you want a more controlled and clean aesthetic I’d definitely warn against Java fern and hornwort/moneywort. I personally like them but I do think they grow in a more wild and “messy” way that may not be what you’re going for. And of course the rhizomes of Java ferns can be crazy. I’m really big fan of cryptocorynes, anubias, and vallisneria and I think they’d look great with your hardscape. My betta loves laying on the anubias nana leaves and they actually have a super cool “flower”.

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