1. Thank you!! Although I can’t really take credit other than housing and feeding them to to best of my ability.

  2. What if, now hear me out, you used shrimp shells for calcium to get a pink flamingo effect going on?

  3. This little one is from a clutch I let hatch so they’ve been with me their whole life. Same tank, same parameters. Ammonia and nitrite both zero, nitrate ~20-40, pH ~8, carbonate and general hardness are both moderate to high(can’t remember the numbers atm). They get a variety of snail wafers and pellets, homemade snello, occasional fresh veg, and of course leftovers from guppies and Corys.

  4. We write up attitudes at our facility. We call a critical. We have their name, so it's shockingly easy write up. Let their supervisor explain to them that they need an attitude adjustment (as the supervisor will now be required to do because it's in writing and requires a follow-up), and that the person they're calling and harassing in the lab is a human being, not a machine.

  5. I was going to say the same thing. Being respectful and professional is bare minimum behavior when speaking to coworkers.

  6. How many gallons is this or the measurements? Bc i love the size id want smth like this as well

  7. It’s a 20 gallon long. Which I think is perfect for a betta. They prefer horizontal swimming versus vertical. I wish I had gotten two 20g longs but I have one regular and this one. I much prefer the aesthetic of the long.

  8. 30F. BMI ~38. No other comorbidities. I’ve had two previous laminectomy/discectomy surgeries, both a little over a decade ago. This is something I’ve been dealing with as long as I can remember. The first MRI and diagnosis of DDD came at age 14.

  9. If you are connecting your i2000 to a track system I would recommend asking them how to build barcodes for qc and calibrators as that is how you will need to do them.

  10. This whole “sending us to Dallas training” is wayyyyy overdue lol. We’ve had a track system for over decade and then got an upgrade a few years ago. They were supposed to send us when they rebuilt it a few years ago and installed the alinitys but we didn’t have the staffing for us to be gone. I have a good bit of experience with quarterly/triannual maintenance and the qc/cal stuff. I still think it will be good to go because for most things I was taught by other techs not a FSE so it’s possible there are better ways.

  11. We never got the alinity so I can't speak to that, but I imagine the training is just as good. We switched to Roche which was the worst thing we ever did imo. The i2000 is a lot easier than the c8000, I would spend more time on the c if I could do it again

  12. The way our system works is when a specimen is received that has a culture, it populates on the setup bench screen. From there you can either select cultures or scan them to print out the plate labels. Then we label plates and set them up.

  13. That’s kind of the vibe I got and I’m pretty disappointed. I also work in heme and chem so I’m super anxious to see those areas. From what I’ve seen it’s going to be a huge improvement in those areas but micro doesn’t seem all that well thought out.

  14. I freaking love it when old people put custom address labels on their stool and urine submissions 🥰

  15. Same!! Although we did have an issue with our service center phlebs not adding a dob and we had to reject some samples. Made me so sad because the patients had thought they did so well. But lately our phlebs have been really good.

  16. I did a stint with Mercy Ships! It's a fantastic opportunity and a really great experience. I'd be happy to answer questions about my time there if you have interest.

  17. I’d love for an overview when you get a chance! I’ve always had a passion for service work.

  18. I’d love to read the blog. I really appreciate your time. I believe my job allows for a leave of absence for up to 6 months that is basically just them saying that you will have a job to come back to. I don’t know the requirements for it though. I’d assume they’re pretty restricted.

  19. I’ve had a lot of snail clutches by now and they come out in every shade and color possible. I have never been able to breed all one color. Mine tend to be a combination of blue,brown, yellow, and white. I’ve only had like two come out purple, and none of my snails are even purple to begin with.

  20. You are 100% correct about asexual reproduction being cloning. I’d still argue, because I like science and debating not because I’m a jerk lol, that the lack of genetic diversity is essentially the truest form of inbreeding. But that’s just me playing devils advocate.

  21. I work in a freakin hospital and we don’t have sick time. There are a list of “you can’t work with these” issues such as a fever for over 24 hrs, unexplained diarrhea, pink eye, etc but even then you would only get paid through your PTO hours. And there is absolutely zero time forgiveness for something like a sinus infection that doesn’t meet the criteria for being off work.

  22. I did enjoy setting up DMT cultures in school though I was bad at it but testing it and doing the oxidizing tests were fun!

  23. Plate reading also seems to be something that pulls people in and never lets go. We recently had a few techs retire that had all worked at my hospital for over 40 years and they were all plate readers. And like the other commenter mentioned, as long as you stick with a hospital lab rather than a large reference lab such as Quest or Labcorp you shouldn’t have that assembly line feeling. Most labs are set up in a way that separates different types of cultures and then splits further into mycology/mycobacteriology which you would rotate through so you don’t get that stagnate, bored feeling. That’s going to depend on the hospital size of course. A lot of small hospitals don’t do any plate reading at all. My hospital system has 6 sites and the one I’m at is the only one that does it.

  24. You could certainly pursue a plate reading position. That’s where you would actually work up any growth, perform susceptibility testing, etc. It is a repetitive field in general but I enjoyed getting to see different organisms every once in a while. 90% of what you set up will be the same couple enterics in urine cxs, strep cxs, staph in blood, all that normal super common stuff. But I really enjoy that testing so I never minded the repetition of it. And then you run into a really cool bug that keeps things interesting.

  25. I know it’s hard to sex them as mysteries will mount anything, it just makes me sad to see the number of female mysteries literally being sexed to death. 😢 If you don’t mind me asking, why are you rehoming the axolotl? He or she is just tooooooo cute!!

  26. I learned that lesson the hard way 😔 I had two mysteries that died and the male is still alive and thriving so I have to assume that it was something to do with the laying. The older laid maybe 7 or 8 clutches within a couple weeks and the younger one only laid 3 or 4 but I don’t know what else it could’ve been. I even made a post asking if that was a thing that happened but I didn’t really get much of a response.

  27. It could very well be a lack of calcium. General hardness and proper pH is also really important. And I hate to be that person but 3 gallons is really too small for a mystery snail. The general recommendation is 5 gallons per snail because they have a very high bioload meaning your water will become high in ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite very quickly. In that size bowl you’d have to do water changes nearly daily to keep the water at safe levels.

  28. I inherited a 5 gallon Fluval Spec 5. It's completely overrun with snails (I believe they're Malaysian Trumpet Snails (MTS) and ramshorn snails.) The tank is also completely filled with live plants; I'm assuming the previous owner set up the tank and let it go wild with 0 maintenance.

  29. Assassin snail is really your best bet if you don’t want any snails at all. I don’t have any personal experience with them so no idea how quickly they eat but you will never get rid of them any other way. I have some mystery snails that I actually really love and paid money for lol so I’ve never tried the assassins. I have ramshorn and pond pests and I just kill them and throw them away as I can. It doesn’t bother me. I feed them to my betta in my other tank occasionally but primarily just throw them away. I crush the eggs and the babies whenever I see them but it’s never ending. It’s just part of aquarium life.

  30. Seconding the previous comment. Take any opportunity you can to show leadership skills. Offer to be charge tech or lead. Sign up for extra shifts or extra training. Take up new projects that help the whole lab. Taking leadership courses is always a good idea too.

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