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  1. Bananas is the type of guy to get promoted by doing next to nothing. He just knows how to adapt and cut corners I guess.

  2. I really like Busy, I’ve enjoyed her shows and movies and I really like her podcast. However comparing this adult 22 year old to a 14 year old is so weird. The world has become obsessed with infantilising grown adults the minute their name is said in the same sentence as an older celebrity. Age gap relationships give me the ick, but there is an insanely huge difference between a 22 year old and a 14 year old.

  3. Did you misread the comment? Pretty sure they agree with you.

  4. The documentary series was wild. If you told past me that Jill would be the child speaking out against the family, I wouldn't have believe it.

  5. It doesn’t make sense, AI has enough knowledge to know what hands look like.

  6. Winona wanted Angelina to be cast in the role so much (she produced the movie).

  7. It just goes to show that if we want women centered movies that aren’t about dumb shit to get made, we need a woman with clout to make the effort to push it through.The male execs in HW would never have made this, it took Winona wanting it to make a great movie that doesn’t pass the reverse bechdel test. We need more of those, god knows we have enough of the other kind. I really wish more women with clout would direct and produce movies.

  8. Cara Delevingne. I didn't know anything about her beyond her modelling career when I watched Valerian and I was like, there is no way she got lead role in a Luc Besson's movie for her talent. She was bad. So I googled her and yeah, she comes from very wealthy family, pure British aristocracy from both paternal and maternal side, her godmother is Joan Collins, her godfather was director of Condé Nast (the media company that owns Vogue, Vanity Fair etc.) and chairman of London Fashion Week or something which explains Cara's modelling career as well.

  9. Whoever played her love interest in Valerian must be a nepo baby. He was completely miscast and terrible.

  10. I’ll be down-voted, but at the end of the day nothing illegal was done. This was a consenting relationship between two adults.

  11. Every time I think about her I think about the interview her husband did where he talked about how one of the kids was in the room with her when it happened. Just genuinely so, so sad

  12. Was that Peaches? It feels like it haunted her until she manifested it.

  13. I think you might be bisexual. You’ll never know unless you explore the feelings your having.

  14. Omg, I literally just did a Google search to see if anyone else noticed this. The favoritism is so obvious, like she doesn’t even try to hide it. I also want to shake her and be like, “you’re daughter is average!” Nothing against the kid, but shes so obviously just a normal, average kid, but Busy acts like she’s some sort of child genius. And like absolutely nothing like that for the other kid.

  15. Not really a celebrity but I would pay good money to read an autobiography by a fundie kid. Like one of the duggar or Plath kids. I think it could be good too if it was one of the smaller internet ones like Jill and her brood or that one lady who got a car from shaq .

  16. Jinger did release a memoir but theres not a lot of tea in it because she still loves her parents.

  17. Everyone is speaking very highly of Jodi and I’ve heard that she was more of the mastermind behind the Johnny vote than KA, they just edited her out. I wish production would stop editing Jodi out, because it sounds like she’s actually really great.

  18. How was she the mastermind and not KA when Tori telling KA the plan is what ultimately led to the Bananas vote? Or did Jodi tell KA to give the information to Darrell, etc.?

  19. Apparently Jodi convinced her, originally KA wanted to go with Tori.

  20. To the last paragraph- people agreed because this show was SO wildly popular. I can genuinely imagine this being hard to grasp for younger people, but It wasn’t just “another” talk show, it was really the main talk show outside of your typical late night talk show. Basically the first podcast in a sense.

  21. This is true, but there were still a lot of other talk shows celebs could do, I was still always surprised when women would agree to go on it. I

  22. Maybe. All I could ever find was his side of the story in tabloids. That she was controlling of him, just crazy in love, couldn't live without him. They fought but she kept coming back because LOVE.

  23. The Howard K Stern guy was probably brainwashing and drugging her. She and her son both died while she was dating him under suspicious circumstances.

  24. This is it. I think they did date for two or three years but had been broken up for over a year before that happened. I had a very young lesbian inexperienced therapist in LA at the time and I was like a young teen in my twilight era and would gossip about celebs to not talk about why I was in therapy. Anyways when I brought this up she laughed and was like they haven’t been together in a long time and she told me she was gay “I know she’s bi but this was what she said” and that she had been seeing her best friend on and off for a year. This was before Kristen was ever out or was known she dated women. I remember telling my dad that at the time. And then like a year or two later when she started dating women I was like oh shit that therapist was right.

  25. It’s pretty hypocritical of him to want it to be televised when he was so against the kids being exploited on tv.

  26. She only put the women she fucked and/or wanted to fuck, lol. Did she put herself as 4th?

  27. This is why this show sucks. And any analyzation of who’s “goats” etc is stupid because the show is a joke and no win is legitimate.

  28. My problem is that my one nostril is always blocked, even if I don't have cold it's blocked. How much I clean it, it ends up being blocked. And my other nostril is so clean that after sometime it hurts in that nostril while breathing, the air stings that nostril.

  29. I have the same thing as your first paragraph, but mostly just when I’m sleeping. One nostril is completely closed and the inside of the other nostril hurts to breathe, like stinging inside my nose.

  30. Wish I had screenshotted it but laurel literally put on an Instagram story a while back how "nicole had three strikes, I'm done with her"

  31. me too, I hope maddy is joking about taking a loan for college. that is so unacceptable for much they made off the show and should be going to the kids. sorry, this stuff makes me so angry

  32. Can you imagine being exploited your entire life since before you're born because of "all the great opportunities it provides aka $$$" and still having to pay for college yourself💀

  33. Do they have to pay for college themselves? Have they said that? Where are we getting that from?

  34. I assume it depends on where you are in Texas. I live in Austin and spend a lot of time in San Antonio, and I’ve never seen anyone open carrying.

  35. For real this one hit me really hard when I saw this family on the news this morning. Beautiful family destroyed over fucking nothing.

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