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My kindergarten teacher, my cat, my mom, and you.

  1. That cat most definitely chose you. Love their white toes!

  2. He did for sure! I ran into the person we adopted him from (she’s a volunteer at a local shelter) and I ended up crying when I told her how much we love him and what he’s meant to our family

  3. Awww! As someone who works at a rescue, this is an absolutely golden moment. It’s what makes it all worth it. I just clean the kennels so I don’t get to hear from the adopters, but hearing things through the grapevine or talking with the volunteers who foster our pups always makes me so happy. When I hear one of our dogs is getting adopted, I’m sad that they’re leaving but so happy for the quality of life improvement and all the love and attention they’re about to get!

  4. It was so cool running into her. I was like “hey you look familiar” and we were both out of town. Such a random thing to happen, but so so so cool.

  5. I really like it. It’s a mellow high & not smelling like smoke all the time helps with anxiety about how I smell 😂

  6. I got that before & struggled. Squeeze both sides and it should pop off.

  7. I was there this weekend too, very awesome reopening.

  8. I agree that a 2nd wave is coming, but I’m glad customers have been kind and tipping well while things are open.

  9. Im curious how many fans this would power for 2 days.

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